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Show and Tell Tuesday || Worst School Pictures Edition

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals for her Show and Tell Tuesdays link up!  Today is all about our worst school pictures - I can't wait to see all of these!

It sure was fun going down memory lane to look back at all of my old pictures.  Before I even started looking, though, I knew two I wanted to share immediately.

First up, 1st grade.  The haircut!!!  It was the first time I'd ever had my hair cut short and I only did it because my sister had her hair cut short so I thought I should follow suite.  Big mistake! I looked like a boy!  Ugh, I hated that haircut from the second it was done.  And I'm pretty sure my mom forgot to get my bangs trimmed for pictures, they're almost in my eyes!

Second was my 4th grade picture.  Hello brushed out growing out perm!  Plus I tried to pull a DJ Tanner and tease my sides out - cool at the time but now looking back, eck!  And of course pictures were taken after we'd all been outside playing on the playground so whatever style I had tried creating had flattened quite a bit by the time I was supposed to 'say cheese!'

Ok, this one is just awful.  I have no explanation.  10th grade I think. Someone send help!

I can't leave you with just those awful pictures though, I have to show a few 'good' ones, too.  (Let's be honest, are any of them that good?)

8th grade!  I remember when I got it back being so mad that my necklace was crooked!  Oh the agony, ha ha!

Kindergarten. <3 I mean, come on!  The pearl necklace!  The sweet, innocent smile!  Cuteness overload, if I do say so myself! :)

And two of my senior pictures.  Even though at the time I didn't think any of them were all that good I can look back and say they are 'ok'.  :)

Enough with the bangs already, Erin! Ha ha!!  

Ok, I've had fun taking a walk down memory lane, now lets see your pictures! 

Show and Tell Tuesday 2016


  1. So maybe the 4th grade picture was awkward, but the others are super cute! You were (and are) a pretty girl! It is so fun to go back and dig up these old treasurers though!!!

  2. You are so stinking pretty!!! I love the Kindergarten picture. I really feel like I see a lot of Brennan and Tate in that one! And the DJ Tanner picture...that's my favorite!

  3. I had the wing hair... I got this paste stuff from my mom's hair lady and boy I could have flown away. I will have to dig that picture out and text it to you. I have some pretty horrible picture and a few are way worse then your worst (which I don't think any of them are bad). My 7th grade year is HORRIBLE!

  4. I LOVE THESE!! You are so pretty! And Kindergarten you, all fancy with pearls. I love it!
    Looking back on old school pics is so much fun! My mom has a picture frame with each school photo from K-12 grade. I'm sure you've seen them - the grade school pictures form an oval, and then in the center is a big photo from senior year. I laugh EVERY TIME I look at that frame!