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Today's post is a little summary of what we've been up to lately.  Fair warning - there's a ton of pictures!  Buckle up because here we go!

My little Loulie Lou, she's growing developmentally in leaps and bounds.  She hits two milestones at a time in quick succession.  Guess who's "SOOOO biiiiggg!!!"  Yep, this little girl! :)

A rare bow-less Tenley sighting!  And this documents the fact that Tenley no longer wants baby food.  Nope, only real food for this girl.  Waaa!  I love the baby food stage, it's so handy to grab a container and go!  Now I have to think ahead, plan meals accordingly and always have soft foods on hand.  Again, waaa!

My sweet little Tatie Tot, the first of my babies to have an attachment to a shirt.  For some reason he loves his bee shirt!  If he sees it in his drawer when I'm picking out his clothes for the day he grabs it and say "No, dis bee sirt."  :)

Tate also has a fascination with shoes all of a sudden.  He wants to put on our tennis shoes and 'tie' the laces.  This will occupy him for 20, 30 minutes at a time.

Like I said before, my little girl is growing up before my eyes.  It has been months since she fell asleep in my arms. She wants to be laid down with her soft blankie and pacifier and left alone. This day, in the middle of putting on my makeup and doing my hair she was ready for a nap.  I grabbed her a bottle and rocked her in the chair in her room.  As soon as the bottle was empty I popped in her paci and she shut her eyes.  There was no way I was going to pass this opportunity up!  I sat there and rocked and snuggled her for 15 minutes.  Andy found us and snapped a couple of pictures for me so I could have it documented. It really meant the world to me to have that quiet time with my little girl.

My Aiden Boy is such a good big brother to Tate.  He is usually very patient with him.  We got the toddler bike out this week and I attempted to teach Tate how to pedal.  It's tough with a toddler!  He kept trying to push the pedals backwards which is the brake, as you know.  Finally Aiden decided to give it a shot.  He worked with him for 5 minutes then had the genius idea of putting the back of the bike up on blocks of wood so it wouldn't roll but Tate could figure out the motion of the whole thing. It worked great!  Tate is not a master on the bike quite yet but he's getting it figured out, all thanks to his big brother Aiden!

Tate and I have had a fun two days since the boys went back to school.  In the morning while Tenley naps we've gone outside and played.  Tate insisted I sit in my hammock chair while he played on the swing set.  He climbed the tower and I snapped this cute picture of him at the top.

Last weekend was my dad's family reunion.  Every time these two little sweet pea's are together we snap a picture of them side by side.  Ella is about 6 weeks older than Tenley.  Tenley kept trying to pull Ella's bow and poke her in the eye.  :)  Besides that they had fun playing together.  These two will be classmates in a few years and I hope life long friends. #PaciPrincesses

It's football season!  Brennan had his first game Wednesday night.  They came up short one touchdown but looked pretty tough out on the field!  Bren is playing with 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders and holy smokes do those 4th graders look big next to the 2nd graders!  But my Brennie Joe held his own and didn't seem intimidated at all!  Go Seahawks!

Yesterday morning Andy walked out to the living room after taking his shower to find Tate asleep on the couch.  We have no idea how he got there or how long he'd been there.  The night before he kept telling me he was going to "sleep here", meaning the floor of the living room, instead of going to bed. Nice try, Buddy!  I took him to bed and then we found him here in the morning.  When he woke up he looked really confused about where he was so I half wonder if he didn't sleep walk out there.  I hope not because knowing Tate he'd sleep walk right out the door to his sandbox, his most favorite place to be outside.  

That's what we've been up to lately!


  1. Evan is hitting the milestones two fold too... we are on the "so big" but he also climbed our stairs and was found in Carter's room. I am totally not ready for this. Oliver slept walked the other night and peed on his rug. I caught him and asked what he was doing and he told me to get out of the bathroom so he could potty- I hope you don't have a sleep walker. EEK!

  2. So many things about this post!
    There's rarely a bow-less Julia, sighting, too! I just can't let her leave the house without one in.
    You and Lou rocking? Oh my gosh, my heart exploded. Some of my favorite moments during the day are the ones where I'm rocking Julia to sleep. I know I'm going to blink and that rocker will be no more.
    Aiden is the BEST big brother! And, genius, too!! He should think about being a teacher when he is older. He is so patient and creative.
    Look at Tate all curled up on the couch. Haha!!

    1. P.S. I received your email about foods. I'm not ignoring you! I haven't gotten around to replying. But. We do lots of avocado. LOTS of watermelon, tiny bits of cheese, yogurt (it's SO messy, but Julia likes it, and likes to eat it on her own), cheerios, mashed potatoes, steamed sweet potatoes (or mashed), any kind of noodle. We eat so many things on repeat...

  3. Love these posts . . . I so need to do one! I always say that though!!! That pick of you rocking Tenley - I die of love for that! I so miss those days . . . enjoy every second!!!

  4. I still can't get over bowless Tenley! I hardly recognize her. I love the pictures of you with her. And sleeping Tate. I love all the sleeping babies!!! What great big Brothers they have!!

  5. What cute little ladies at the family reunion! So fun that they will grow up together!