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The Swinging Bridge

A little town about 30 minutes away from us is "famous" for their swinging bridge.  I didn't read the plaque that was there with all the info on it so I can't explain it to you very well or tell you the history but trust me when I say IT SWINGS!

The bridge spans a deep ravine in a timber on the edge of town.  It is so long that I could not make myself get out on it.  Thank goodness for my fearless husband!  He grabbed Tate's hand and off him, Tate and Aiden went.  Brennan was like me, no way was he going out on that bridge!

The farther out they got the more it started to swing!

They made it all the way across, explored that side of the bridge and then started on their way back.

Brennan decided to get a little brave and inched his way out a little.  And then a little farther. And then a little farther.  He decided maybe it wasn't so scary and headed out to the middle of the bridge to meet Andy, Tate and Aiden.

They all walked back and the boys begged to go across again.

Tate and Andy went a second time with the boys then sat on the bench with me and Tenley while the big boys went across a couple more times.  The boys thought it was a pretty cool place so we decided we'd have to go back again next summer.


  1. BLAH!!! Never!!! Last year in Tennessee Adam took the kids out on a swinging bridge. I about died. I couldn't get out there and I couldn't hardly watch him with them. I was a nervous wreck!

  2. Oh jesus I think I would be a sweaty mess because of my extreme fear of heights! I may have done it, let's just say I would and pretend I'm a bad ass, mkay? ;)

  3. Nope! I would have sat that one out too. However, I am sure my boys would love it.

  4. SO COOL! There was a bridge like this in the town where I was born in NW Iowa. I always admired it from afar, but never had the chance to actually cross it before we moved away (when I was 9). I would love to go back and see if that bridge is still there!

  5. I would totally have gotten on the bridge! So fun . . . and boys love that stuff! Sweet memories!