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Tenley Louise || 6 Months Old

Miss Tenley Louise, how is it possible that you are half a year old already?  You  have changed quite a bit in these 6 short months, going from a teeny tiny newborn that slept so much to a little baby who smiles and coos and giggles and wiggles and turns circles and rolls over and hollers at me when I'm not giving you enough attention. You sure are something, Little Girl!  And gosh do I love you!

Over the past month you have figured out a sort of 'mode of transportation'.  You aren't able to get all over the place yet but you can roll over front to back, back to front - in both directions (roll to the left or the right) - and spin in circles which gets you to anything within a 3 feet distance from your starting position.  You really like playing with Tate's toys if they are within arms length from you (or you roll and circle around to get to them).  Your favorite 'Tenley toys' are your monkey with the toys hanging from his arms/legs, the flat pink turtle that has little spinners in it's midsection, and all of your stuffed dolls.  I laid a Cabbage Patch doll next to you this month and I swear you thought it was a real baby - you just kept looking at her and reaching your hand out to touch her face (and poke her eyes out).  It was such a sweet moment.

You don't like me leaving the room or walking away from you.  And if I'm on the couch not paying attention to you I'll hear a little holler from you.  As soon as I look down and talk to you you give me that big ol' smile of yours!  Your smile really does light up a room, and is very contagious!

I'm very surprised at how little hair you have at this stage.  Your big brothers all had more at 6 months old.  Thank goodness for all of those headbands I've bought you!  It's rare for us to leave the house without one on.  You don't bother with them at all ... yet ... but at naptime I've started taking them off because they seem to slip down over your eyes and really upset you when you wake up.

You are getting closer to sitting up by yourself.  I've not worked with you on this talent yet but the boys are very anxious to teach you like they did with Tate.  My rule has been not to teach you anything that will take away your baby-ness, you will figure all that out soon enough, but I think this skill is something you should be taught soon.  I have sat you up in front of me on the floor a few times and last time you sat mostly on your own for 10 seconds - that's a good start!  Once you can sit up by yourself we'll ditch the baby car seat carrier and move you into the (rear facing!) convertible car seat.  You aren't too heavy in the baby carrier but it's almost time to move on.  Yet another milestone that makes Momma's heart sad.

Because of your little weight hiccup at 4 months old I've held off on any baby food until we got the all clear from your doctor at your 6 month appointment, which was yesterday.  You have started climbing the percentile scale again so we have the go- ahead to start baby food.  With you we are going to skip the baby cereal since there isn't any real value to it nutritionally - some calories but not much in the vitamins/minerals department.  We are going to start with Sweet Potatoes!  I can't wait to see what you think of that flavor and texture in your mouth.  You have been watching us eat pretty closely for the last few weeks, a good sign you are ready for food, so I think you will take right to it!  I have also bought you a girly pink sippy cup, time to start figuring that out!  I'm happy to be able to give you cold water this summer when it's hot out.

You really love being outside.  When the wind blows in your face you coo and gurgle at it!  You are always so happy when outside which is a good thing since your big brother, Tate, wants to be out there all the time.  The weather has been a little nuts this month but sounds like it's straightening out finally so we'll be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine quite a bit more. I'm hoping to attempt some pool visits this summer with all 4 of you - I hope you like the water!  I can't wait to see you in your swimsuit!!!

Here are your monthly stats:
Weight: 15lb, 15oz, 50%
Height: 27", 90%
Clothes: 6-9 months mostly, a few 3-6 months tucked in here and there
Diapers: Size 2 Pampers or Huggies
Eating: 5 6oz. bottles per day
Sleeping: Bedtime usually 8 p.m. unless you skip an evening nap, then 7 p.m.  Wake at 6 a.m.  2 to 3 naps per day, anywhere from 1 1/2 - 3 hours long.  Usually naps at 9 and 1, evening naps vary.

You are the very very VERY best little girl God could have given us.  We love you so very much, Loulie Lou!  I'm so glad you are my little Lou.


  1. Six?! *tears!!!*
    Don't rush the sitting or the moving. It all comes and goes too quickly.
    I didn't even think to maybe start toying with the idea of the rear facing convertible seat. Time to start looking into those! I do think we can hold off for a bit since Julia is still only 14 pounds.
    And sippy cups! That's another thing I need to get on.
    How are our baby girls ready for these things already?!

  2. Oh she is just a doll!! Gosh what a happy baby! I love her little bald head too!

  3. Such a beautiful girl! Worth the wait!