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Life Lately

Life lately has been busy.  

Aiden's 4H sheep take up a good hour of our time every day after school.  There is a lot that goes into raising and preparing your sheep for the fair.  We go out every morning before school to feed them.  After school we go out to work with them.  We have them halter broke, which just means we have them used to wearing the halters.  Now we are breaking them to lead, which means we are teaching them how to walk with Aiden while he leads them around the yard.  We started breaking them to lead this past week on Friday.  That first night it went much better than we expected it to go.  First Andy and Aiden haltered up Ted and Tiny and walked them out of the pasture/pen.  It took a little bit of encouraging and quite a few times Andy had to settled Ted down because he was jumping and getting wild, but they walked pretty well for the most part. Then they haltered Nubby and Skippy.  Oh boy.  I got quite a workout shoving Nubby as Aiden tried dragging him.  He just didn't want to be lead and he wasn't going to do it.  We finally gave up on him after about 10 minutes.  All in all we were happy with that first night.  

Saturday morning Andy took the boys out to the sheep to work with them while I took Tenley with me to a meeting.  When I got home Andy looked wiped out!  None of the sheep wanted to walk so they battled them the whole time.  Add to that Tate stood there and screamed they entire time.  Needless to say Andy decided he was never going out there with the 3 boys by himself again.  :)

Sunday night we gave it another shot and it went really really well.  All 4 sheep walked on the halter and we even practiced setting them up like when Aiden's in the show ring.  We all felt quite a bit better about it all after last night.  

As far as how the sheep are doing health-wise, pretty good!  They are growing and gaining weight, eating and drinking, and come running when we show up. They aren't tame enough to just walk up to them and pet or halter them, we still have to corral them in a corner, but it's much easier and they are more used to us.

While out working the sheep I couldn't help but snap this pic of Tate trying to be just like his big brother Brennie.  Cuties!  At one point Tate also had his arms crossed but I was too late with the camera to get that picture.

Aiden needed a pair of jeans for showing his sheep so I stopped at Old Navy.  They were having a 40% the entire store sale.  I might have gotten a tad off track of the jean shopping and found myself in Tenley's section.  These jellies, a pair of open toed chambray shoes and a shirt might have come home with me for her.  :)

Speaking of Tenley, at a cousin's graduation party we found Miss Ella (cousin) who is 6 weeks older than Tenley.  Ella was 5lbs some odd ounces at birth and it took her forever to take off in the weight department.  Tenley weighed more than her for quite some time.  Well, no more!  Ella has made up for those early months and has filled out quite nicely.  They were pretty excited to sit next to each other and gossip about bows, clothes and cute boys.  

 Baseball has started and Aiden is pitching this year.  He is quite good for his first time out on that mound, I was very impressed with him!  He's struck out most of the batters up against him or pitched so well that they popped it up and his teammates have caught the ball and gotten them out.  It's been nerve wracking and exciting.  Bren had his first practice last night, his games start in June.  We'll be going to ball games three nights a week for most of June, going to be crazy hectic busy!

Hi, my name is Tenley.  I enjoy long stroller rides, bottles, watching my brothers and chewing on my toes.  :)

There's not much cuter than chubby baby thighs in white tights!

Bren's class had their field trip to the zoo last week.  Look how close they were to the giraffes!!!  They could pay $4 to feed them 2 leaves of lettuce but he passed on that.  He did fork over money to ride the train and ponies, though, and loved both!

This awesomely ugly cabinet has finally been removed from the basement so we can start Phase II of the basement remodel (even though Phase I isn't complete yet!).  We moved part of it into the furnace room for extra storage and counter space.  The furnace room has 2 walls of built in shelving that I use for storing my canned veggies, my canning supplies, paint cans, extra car seats, camping supplies, winter coats, and a mix of other random stuff.  It's a big storage room (one of 2 we have!!!).  Now all of the boys' games and puzzles reside in this cabinet in there, temporarily.  Once the remodel is complete they'll be out in the living room on built in shelves and I'll use the cabinet to store ... whatever I want to store in there!  To be determined, ha!

Tonight we are having Tate and Tenley's pictures taken.  These are some of the outfits I have picked out.  Anxious to get these done, hoping Tate cooperates because he's been in a weird funk this past week or so.  Everyone pray for me! :)

Here is my fall hair inspiration - I love the warmth!!!  And the length, but I'd need extensions to get me there by Fall! :)

This weekend we ran into my cousin's wife and their sweet boy, Finnlee.  I snapped a selfie with Finn and Aiden to send to my aunt because I knew she'd be jealous I got to see him.  Finn wasn't super impressed with us, ha!

Sunday was a gorgeous day!  FINALLY we get to see Tenley's bare skin other than at bath time!!!  She was rocking her shades and hat, and didn't seem to mind either of them!  It always helps when you are sitting on Daddy's lap, though. :)

That's life lately!  

P.S.  Do you know how hard it is to do things on your laptop when the mouse buttons don't work?  All of a sudden they stopped working.  I have no idea if a setting was tripped or what but neither the left nor the right buttons work.  Erg!!!  Almost time for a new laptop -- or a Surface?  Any recommendations?  Any ideas on how to get these buttons to work without paying a repairman?  I did check the mouse settings, didn't see anything 'off' in there (like I know what I'm looking at, ha!).  

P.P.S.  Tenley keeps trying to such on and lick my feet as I'm typing this.  Ha ha ha!!


  1. Wait, can we talk about the sheep more? Do they live at your house? How do you win a contest by showing sheep? I'm so intrigued by this since this is not something I have ever seen.

  2. Tenley is getting so big... and those rompers are sooo cute! After reading about getting your sheep ready I don't know if I ever want to show animals. Right now we are doing Photography, cooking and woodworking. Last year we attempted gardening but the garden flooded before our show and we had nothing. This year Tim hasn't been home to help with the garden so we didn't put one in. Anyway, I will live through you for the animal shows... although my husband wants to get hogs back and have the boys show them because that is what he showed.

  3. I love everything Tenley! It is so evident that you are pumped to have a daughter. Her shoes, the sunglasses, her outfits! I love it all!!! She is the cutest!!

    I love that hair color too!!!