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Weekend Rewind

Hello, Monday.  Ugh!  Between daylight savings time, the boys being home all last week for Spring break and Tenley getting up 2-4 times a night for the last 2 weeks I'm exhausted!  I'm hoping to get a little caught up on sleep this week since it's a mostly quiet one.

As for my weekend, it wasn't super busy but it was fun!  Friday Andy took the day off to spend time with all of us while the boys were on break.  We ran to the big city and bought the tile and grout for the bathroom.  If Andy can get the Detra mat laid down some evening this week we'll hopefully start tiling soon!  I'd like to say we'll be tiling this weekend but with Easter it's probably not going to happen.  Boo.

Tenley begged us to let her try on her cherry sunglasses so of course we had to give in. :)

Saturday morning Andy and Brennan had soccer practice - Andy is coaching Bren's team this year!  I think he's having fun with it.  As soon as they got back we made a mad dash to town so we could catch my nephew's first soccer game.  Unfortunately with my boys' soccer schedules we won't make it to any of my niece and nephew's games from here on out so I was happy we could at least catch one of them.

Charley is the one in the orange hat
It was chilly that morning so Andy took Tate and Tenley to his folk's house while the big boys and I cheered on Team Orange.  We came home and hung out at the house the rest of the day.  That evening I went to a wine tasting party with a friend.  I'm sorry to say I can't remember the name of the company but it was so much fun!  Have you ever heard of one of these?  We sampled 5 different wines, all of which were too dry for me (the sweeter the better in my opinion).  They had a ton of food to go with each bottle of wine so you snacked as you sampled.  Supposedly different food makes wine taste different - to me it all tasted like wine, ha!  Of course, breastfeeding means I didn't sample too much but I did allow myself a little bit.

Sunday morning was my bi-monthly brunch with the girls.  We hit up a little cafe in a nearby town and I had an omelette that was really yummy.  We had a fun time gabbing and catching up.

I ran home to pick up Andy and the boys to head out to my sister's for my niece Nora's 7th birthday party.  We were there for lunch, cake and present opening then headed to my folk's so I could give my dad a haircut.  We had just enough time to run out to see all of the baby sheep before we had to leave to get home so Aiden could change for his 4H meeting.  It was a bit of a whirlwind day but relaxing none the less.

So, what's up for this week? Soccer practice and Easter - hoping for a week full of good sleep so I can stop walking around like a zombie. Hard to kick the Mt Dew habit when you need caffeine to survive the day! :)


  1. You had a pretty busy weekend. I hope you get some sleep.

  2. Bummer on the sleep . . . try to rest when the kids do! And I'm with you . . . I like sweet wines! Love that you get so much extended family time in . . . no one lives close to us, but my mom is coming to visit this weekend!! Yay!

  3. I hope you get caught up on your sleep soon! I didn't get any sleep this weekend either. I'm dying over here. I can't have Mtn Dew anymore.

    Tenley looks soooo cute in those glasses!!

  4. That picture of Tenley is adorable!
    Soccer already? Parker is signed up but we haven't started yet (Thank goodness, it's still to cold!)

  5. The sleep. We are so far down that rabbit hole. I got your email about the 2-3-4. I'll be replying soon!
    The wine tasting sounds like FUN!! I went on a winery tour a couple years ago and had a blast. By the end of the tours the wine all tasted the same - and we were all very much tipsy. :)
    I LOVE that scarf you wore to your breakfast!!!