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Tate's Toddler Bed

Tate has been climbing out of his crib for the past 2 weeks, something the big boys NEVER did!  I decided that it was time to take the front rail off his crib and convert it to a toddler bed.  I was worried he'd try climbing out in the middle of the night and hurt himself.

I had been meaning to do this all last week but didn't get to it until Sunday, the day we were all trying to adjust to the time change.  That was a mistake!  More on that in a bit.

Here's Tate's bed as a crib.

I asked him to show me how he climbs out of his bed so here are those pictures.

And then he stubbed his toe after this and cried and refused to smile for me in the rest of the pictures. :)

That afternoon when it was naptime we put Tate in his bed, did the normal night-night routine and shut the door.  3 minutes later out he walks.  Ok, back to bed we go.  2 minutes later here he comes again.  Sigh.  We did this no less than 7 times!  I have no idea why that rail made him stay in there if he knew he could climb out but it did, so no rail meant a free for all.  Now, I do have to admit this was the WORST time to try this because he was all messed up with the time change so not as tired as he normally would be at naptime.  Once he finally stayed in bed and fell asleep he took a short 1 hour nap, but at least it was something.

Bedtime that night was better but he still got up 3 times.  I think maybe he missed the security of that rail even though we had a safety rail up for him.  Andy said he seemed scared when he went back there the last time.  Poor bubby!

Doesn't he look like such a big boy now?


  1. He is just now crawling out? He must have loved that bed. Oliver started to attempt it last March-ish, before he was 2. After this month he will officially be in a big boy bed for a year. Oliver also hated being in his baby bed and would scream bloody murder until someone got him out, which is when he decided to start attempting to escape.

  2. The transition from crib to toddler bed is such a big one! Maybe even more so than from toddler bed to "big kid" bed. And look at Tate climb out of there, no problem. I never had that with Marcus, but I Wo t be surprised if Julia does it!

  3. I love that he showed you how he crawled and let you take pictures! This is the cutest thing!!! We transitioned Lukas' bed a long time ago because he was a climber but he's never slept in it because he sleeps in bed with his sister. He only sleeps in his for naps.

  4. Okay - love that series of Tate climbing out pictures . . . those are priceless!! Poor guys was all confused . . . he'll be fine in a few days I'm sure. And he sure does look like a big boy in that bed now.