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Weekend Rewind

Welcome to Spring Break week in our household!  I have to confess: I'm dreading this week!  I have zero plans for the big boys so basically they are going to be hanging around the house making noise and riling Tate up.  Oh boy - send in the Mt Dews (for me, not them!)!!! :)

As for our weekend, it had the right mix of busy and relaxation.  Friday night I decided the salmon I was supposed to make for supper (hello Lent and no-meat Friday's) didn't sound good but a taco pizza from Casey's did so we ran to town and grabbed a pizza for supper.  You win some you lose some! Earlier in the day Tate and I went outside during Tenley's nap to start cleaning out some of the flowerbeds.  A lot of leaves had collected in them over the winter plus I had some cutting back to do on the plants I didn't take care of last Fall.  The experts tell you to wait until Spring to cut them back because they provide food for birds in the winter (seeds) and give visual interest to your garden when everything's covered in white snow.  I have followed this rule for the most part every year but every year I think how ugly it all looks dead and brown and just poking up here and there.  I think this Fall I'll cut everything back and leave a barren garden for the Winter and see if I like that better.  ANYWAY, we got 3 beds cleaned out so once Andy got home from work we loaded all of the junk up and took it to the local yard waste dump.  We also cut back the berry bushes like you should do this time of year.  And while Andy was hauling one load I cleaned out the last bed then we loaded that and hauled it on the way to picking up our pizza.  Feels so good to have that job done!  A lot of little green starts were poking up through the ground, it's only a matter of time before the beds are full of color again!

Saturday morning we ran to the 'big city' for a couple of errands.  We decided the tile we had picked out just wasn't what we wanted after all so we went to a carpet and tile store and found something we really love!  It was $6.37 a sq. foot. Andy thought maybe we should try looking at Lowes to see if they had something similar.  They had the exact same tile for $2.47 a sq. foot!  Score!  Now we just need to get it ordered.  Once we got home Andy installed the heat mat in the bathroom.  You lay it in a bed or mortar.  To make sure it stayed flat and didn't roll he laid a piece of plywood on top of it with heavy buckets on that.  It's wired in and ready to go.  Next step is laying the Detra mat, an under-layment for tile that helps prevent cracking in the grout.  Finally, moving along on the bathroom for the boys!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for church. Dang, that time change kills me!  But we made it to church on time, even if we had to take Tate's breakfast with us! That boy slept til 8 which gave us just enough time to get him dressed and out the door.  Following Mass the big boys had Religion class so Andy and I came home and piddled around here for a bit.  My sister and niece came over after lunch for haircuts and to hang out for a bit, then Andy left later afternoon for a coaches meeting.  He is coaching Brennan's K-1 soccer team this year (yay!!!).  We had our last batch of chili for the Winter for supper then watched the NCAA Tournament Selection Show.  Finally, bedtime!

Not too much planned for this week - both boys start soccer practice, Tenley has her 4 month (yes, FOUR MONTH) check up tomorrow and then it's time for another busy weekend!  Temperatures are supposed to cool back off to more seasonable temps, boo hoo, so we'll be cooped up in the house again. Darn.  Have a great week!


  1. we LOVE casey pizza! And I cant believe Tenley is 4 months!!

  2. I miss Casey's pizza SO much!! Their breakfast pizza is so good too - it's been years since I've had either.
    You guys are always so productive over the weekends!! Want to come to my house and get us all ship shape for the week? :)
    I can't believe Tenley will be four months. That doesn't seem possible!

  3. Time is flying. I was just commenting on how E is going to be 5 months. I mean really, another 30 days and he will be 1/2 year old. E & T need to slow their roll. Sounds like you guys were just as productive on your bathrooms as I was on the boys room... Its slow going but we are getting there.

  4. Hello - let's discuss the heat mat for the bathroom - is that something that lays under your tile and keeps your feet warm?!? Good for you on cleaning out those flower beds . . . that is not my favorite job at all. And I've never heard the theory of cleaning it out in the spring but I guess that makes sense. Love that Andy is now Coach Andy - such great memories for everyone!!!