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Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday!

We are just about halfway through October already, can you believe that?  But according to our weather this past weekend we haven't even started September yet!  82 for a high here yesterday.  It was okay to get one last taste of summer but I am excited for this week's temps - 60's all week until Friday when there's a high of 57 predicted.  Brr, but yay!  I'm ready to snuggle under a blanket and wear layers (without dying of heat stroke!).

We had another busy, fun filled weekend.  Andy had Christmas money from last year burning a hole in his pocket (ha!) so we went to the big ol' city of Des Moines Saturday morning to go to Bass Pro Shop.  The money was given and saved to buy himself new hunting boots.  Guess when his early muzzleloader season begins -- this Saturday!  Nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh?  This was the boy's first trip to Bass Pro and it didn't disappoint.  This was Tate's face the entire time.

We let Andy do his boot shopping before we wandered around the store looking at all the dead animals. :)

Tate 'baa'd' at all the deer as we made our way to the middle of the store where the main feature was.  The big boys loved the waterfall and aquarium area.  Tate was a tad nervous - he liked looking at the fish swimming as long as he had a firm grasp on me the entire time.  His face in this picture tells the whole story, ha ha!

Then we moved over to see this big bear.  No lie, Tate would NOT take his eyes off it the entire time.  We laughed so hard at him and tried everything to get him to look at me and not the bear.  Wasn't happening. :)

After we had our fill of the taxidermy we left to go to a BBQ restaurant Andy found while up in Des Moines for a meeting earlier this year.  Jethro's BBQ.  I don't like BBQ, at all, but this was Andy's day of fun so to Jethro's we went.  Luckily it's a sports bar of sorts so we were able to watch the second quarter of the Iowa vs. Illinois game.  It's always so fun to watch a game like that in a bar with other Iowa fans - there was a lot of whooping and hollering!  The food was good - luckily they had non-BBQ choices so I got a Buffalo Wing Wrap.  The boys got chicken strips and holy smokes, they were the biggest 'strips' I've ever seen! More like entire chicken breasts!  And Andy got a half rack of ribs.  After we finished our meal (and the 2nd quarter of the game) we loaded up in the car and headed back home.  We listened to the rest of the game in the car (Hawks won!!! 6-0 Baby!!!).

Saturday nigh we went to church then came home and vegged on the couch while watching college football.

Sunday Andy got up bright and early and went to help a friend cover his duck blinds with leaves, brush and branches.  The boys and I got around, made French Toast, then I took the big boys to religion class. Tate and I came home and tinkered around here.  I cut out the material for Baby Girl's blanket, dug out the sewing supplies I needed and then waited for the boys to get done with religion and Andy to get done helping his friend.  He got home just in time for lunch then loaded the big boys up in the truck and headed out to my folk's timber to do a little deer scouting.  They didn't kick any up this time but did find rub marks and fresh 'poo'.  :)  Brennan said they saw a raccoon.

Tate and I went outside to play since it was so nice out.  This boy loves playing in his sandbox! And I snapped a pic of our neighbor's tree, starting to turn!

After getting nice and sandy I put Tate down for his nap and sewed up the blanket.  I finished the last step just as the boys got back home.  This picture doesn't show it off really well but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used minky fabric for the back and snuggle flannel for the front.  The seams on the front will fray more as it's used and washed and just get 'cooler' looking with time.

After that it was folding 3 loads of laundry, mowing the yard, washing the windows and getting supper around.  Basically, I overdid it and was miserable and sore all night and let Andy pamper the heck out of me. :)  My back and belly are still aching this morning. I have a baby appointment today - yay! - so can have the peace of mind that Baby is doing okay in there after hearing her little, but strong, heartbeat.

This coming week is pretty low key, no major plans until the weekend, so hopefully I can take it easy while getting some last minute things done for the Princess.  I still forget I am pregnant some days which means I overdo it without realizing it until it's too late.  5 more weeks, I can make it 5 more weeks.  :)

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  1. Tate is looking soooo big!!

    I LOVE the blanket!!!

  2. I remember 5 weeks, I had so much energy and forgot I was pregnant too... Now it's just ugh! Oh Bass Pro, Tim could probably live there and Cabelas.

  3. I am INSANELY jealous of you weeks forecast! We were near 100 degrees all weekend, and "cooling down" to the 80s this week.
    Tate's reaction/face in Bass Pro is PRICESLESS! Oh my gosh, I had a good laugh with him and the bear. And please tell me how you don't like BBQ?! One of these days (when I'm back in KC) you'll have to come down and I'll introduce you to some really tasty stuff!
    That blanket is so cute! I'm so impressed with all of the neat things you can make. I wish I had that talent.
    And lady, you take it easy! Five weeks is all you have - it will fly - so just hang in there!

  4. I can't believe October is almost halfway over. CRAZY!!!
    I love the weather we've been having. It has been in the seventies for several weeks. Tomorrow it changes. I'm bummed!

  5. Our kids love going to Bass Pro to look at the fish and animals. It's like a mini zoo trip! 😜
    Love the blanket! Great job!