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Baby Girl - Week 35

How far along: 35w4d

Sleep: Still doing good with this, although I have been waking up at random times during the night, but usually falling right back to sleep.  I am incredibly tired in the morning, really tired about 7:00 at night, but have been staying up until 10 every night which is totally crazy compared to all my other pregnancies. With those I would fall asleep on the couch at 8:00 every night.  And naps, if I lay down for a nap it's no longer just a quick 20 minute nap - it's a good 1 1/2 hour nap.  

Miss anything: My get up and go and having a lap for Tate to sit on.

Movement: She's slowed down quite a bit this week.  You know me, The Worrier - I do a lot of holding my breath and begging her to wiggle a little bit for me.  :)

Food cravings: That's the biggest disappointment of all of my pregnancies - I've never really had cravings.  With Aiden I roasted a chicken every other week (no lie!), but I wouldn't call it a craving, per se, because I didn't feel that deep desire to have it - it just sounded good so I made it.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Brushing my teeth is getting harder and harder.  

Have you started to show yet:  This is the craziest, second biggest surprise of this pregnancy (first biggest surprise is that we're having a girl!) -- I am so small compared to my other pregnancies!!!  I just cannot get over it.  I look down and think "where's the rest of it?"  I've always gotten so darn big, and by this point am the size of a medium elephant (belly-wise).  Not this time around.  Is she buried deep in there and we'll all be surprised by how big she is? Or, am I getting my 'little' baby finally?  3 1/2 weeks and we'll know the answer!

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: Just some Braxton Hicks here and there, nothing major.  

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy. :)

Looking forward to: I have an appointment MOnday, I love my dr. appointments.  We are doing the Strep B test (yippee) and I'm going to ask her to check and see if anything's going on 'down there'.  I'd love it if she could strip my membranes but she can't until 37 weeks (if I remember right).  I'll still beg her. ;)  

Symptoms/Side effects:  All of a sudden breathing is more difficult.  It comes and goes, but last night at supper I couldn't eat well because I was struggling to just get a nice, full breath.  Instead I was basically panting.

Name:  All set! :)

This week I packed the diaper bag for the baby (and made Bren's old preschool backpack Tate's temporary diaper bag).  I have 4 outfits, some onesies and 4 pairs of socks packed.  Also some headbands and her sweet little knitted bonett that came all the way from Ireland.  I'll use the diapers at the hospital so didn't pack any of those.  I'll put her blanket in there, too.  I'm going to start getting together my bag, things I won't be using between now and then like my toiletries.  After Halloween I'll get the camera bag put in the car so it's there and ready to go.

Sunday I got the car seat out and cleaned up -- it had a nice thick layer of dust on it from the basement remodel.  My mom has it currently because she has made us a car seat blanket to go in it and needed the seat to do some measurements.  Once I have that back I'll get it installed in the car.

Everything's coming together finally!  I still need to finish a project for the baby's room, then we'll get all of her decorations hung up and I can show you what it looks like.

I'm ready!  Time for this little girl to come meet us!

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  1. Getting closer!! How exciting! Hailey (my third) decided she wanted to come early at one day shy of 37 weeks so it could be soon!

  2. You are so close, now!!
    I'm dying to learn her name. And " meet" her!
    You should do a bump comparison photo of all 4 pregnancies!

  3. Sooo close, Erin... so dang exciting!!!

  4. I can't wait to see pics of her. Ugh, the strep b test..... Seriously I can't wait :-)