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Baby Girl - Week 34

How far along: 34w3d

Total weight gain: 17lbs - yep, I dropped a pound in the last 2 weeks. And yep, I'm bragging! :)  Makes me happy.  I asked my dr about it, she's not concerned at all because the Little Lady is still growing and doing just fine.  Just a fluke - watch me gain 5 between now and my next appointment in 2 weeks. That'll teach me to brag!

Sleep: A couple nights this past week I have woken up around 4:30 and not been able to fall back asleep until almost 6. Then I doze off just to have to wake up 30 minutes later, which makes me feel sluggish all day.  Yesterday I just got out of bed at 5:30 and watched the news until I heard Tate yell "Mum!" :)

Best moment of this week: Finishing up Baby Girl's special blanket, getting her clothes out and set aside to pack for the hospital and putting together her dresser and changing pad so it's all ready to go.  We're getting closer!

Miss anything: Just getting sad about not being able to hold Tate nice and close.  My lap is getting smaller and smaller.

Movement: Yes.  She doesn't kick quite as much, it's more stretching and pushing and rolling her feet and hands along the edges of my uterus.  Lots of wiggling but she's definitely slowing down already.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just the stomach flu.  Yep, I caught the nasty bitch of a bug.  And she was a bitch!  I felt terrible from about 6 Monday night until I got home from a meeting at 9.  I went straight to bed that night, then about 12:30 all heck broke loose.  Throwing up while 8 1/2 months pregnant is pretty darn horrible.  At one point I was so weak and worn down I couldn't get myself back to bed.  It was just plain awful.  Thank God for my sweet, amazing husband who took such great care of me.  He's beyond amazing.  And after laying around all day yesterday just feeling worn out I finally started to get 'me' back last night.  

Doctor's appointment: At my appointment yesterday afternoon I was measuring at 36 weeks, 2 weeks more than I am now.  That's been really consistent, except for my 30th week appointment where I was  measuring 4 weeks ahead - yikes!  Her heartbeat was in the 130's this week, it's fluctuated between the 130's and 150's this entire time.  We discussed an induction, possibly will schedule one for Monday, November 16th.  That would be only 5 weeks from this past Monday, eek!  She also mentioned having one last ultrasound at 38 weeks to check the Princess's size.  Would love to get one more sneak peek of her!  And they warned me that at my next appointment we'll be doing the Strep B test - ick.  I'll be 36 weeks then, wonder if I can talk her into checking for any dilation and thinning at that time?  :) 

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: LOTS!  This past weekend I was contracting like mad!  Nothing painful, just the practice ones, but oh so exciting!  They were tight enough that I'd catch my breath or have to breath slowly through them.  Fun!! :)

Belly button in or out:  Ugh, this poor belly button of mine - it's stretched to the max and starting to pop out a bit.  I don't remember ever having my belly button pop completely out so don't anticipate this one doing it either.  

Name:  I'm excited to share her name with you!  It's really growing on me and I'm close to loving it! :)

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  1. You are so close! I'm excited to learn her name too.

  2. So exciting, doll!!! I hope you do have the baby earlier than expected. You are looking great!! So what's the Strep B test? Obviously i'm unfamiliar with all it blood work?

  3. You look amazing... I hope your feeling better. I haven't gained a pound in 3 weeks which I am thankful for and bragging about so you should brag away. Last week I measured at 38 weeks, this week I am 39 weeks measuring at 35 so baby had dropped. I hate the Strep B test, the 2nd part always catches me by surprise even though I know it's coming. I can't wait to hear her name...

  4. Won't be long before she's here! I wish you and baby all the best.

  5. I cannot wait to hear her name. Did you see Lora had her little girl today? I love her name!!!

    Can we talk about how little you look?!!? You are so dang cute!!!

  6. Lady, you look amazing! DOWN a pound? Only 17 gained? Gah! So. Jealous!
    I have to laugh that you think the BH are fun. All I could think was, "make it stop!"
    DYING to know this little lady's name, and loving that you're loving it!

  7. Girl, you look amazing!!!