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Baby Girl - Week 33

How far along: 33w4d

Maternity clothes: I am so over the summer clothes and ready for Fall stuff, but it warmed up again this week into the 70's so I'm back in shorts and short sleeves again.  And I'm dying of heat, ha!  

Sleep: It's still good, except for when we have a slumber party in our room because one is throwing up and the other had a bad dream.  Sheesh. :)

Best moment of this week: I ran into a friend at the grocery store and she commented on how small I am for being 33 weeks.  Awesome!  I have felt like I'm smaller this time but to hear someone say that was so refreshing!  Usually I'm as big as a moose, which I'd have to be to carry 9 and 10 pound babies!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's a smaller baby - is there a chance I could actually get my 7lb-er??  Ok, that's probably  not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

Miss anything: I miss snuggling my Tater Tot close on my lap.  He is clingier than usual because of his teething and wants to sit on my lap and look at books all the time.  I love that, but I can't get him close. Or he puts too much pressure on my belly and it hurts and I have to adjust him all the time.  He also has started wanting to lay his head on my shoulder, which I love, but it means he is laying over the top of the bump - ouch!  So that's what I'm missing, getting him close enough and snuggling with just him.

Movement: On a similar note to what I'm missing, I love how Baby Girl kicks her big brother Tate in the back when he's leaning against me and her.  She's either letting him know she's not going to take his abuse or she's trying to play with him and let him know she loves him.  If she's sassy like me it's the former. :)

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: I can definitely tell she's getting lower.  You know that feeling where you're walking and all of a sudden it feels like the baby is going to drop right out of you?  That's happened a couple times over the past week.  There are a few contractions here and there, nothing major.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy with a twist of moodiness. :)

Looking forward to: Holding my Tate close, snuggling in close to Andy at night, being able to get up off the couch with ease, getting my hormones back in check.

Symptoms/Side effects: My anxiety goes crazy when pregnant.  It actually got better while pregnant with Aiden and Brennan, but with Tate and the Princess it has gone bananas.  Leaving town to go somewhere other than my hometown sends me into a panic.  I feel sick, short of breath, etc.  I don't know why it happens to me but that's one symptom of my pregnancy that I can't wait to go bye bye.  

One thing that's different this time, and it goes back to feeling smaller, is that I can roll over in bed via my tummy so much easier this time.  I am still a stomach sleeper, and sometimes wake up not having my 'kick stand' out to prop me up a bit.  Then I can just roll over to my other side and I'm not like a bug dying on its back because it gets stuck.  It's been so nice!

Round ligament stretching - oi.  I am noticing those darn things hurting much more often than I remember from before.  If I get up too fast, ouch!  I double over, pant a little, then slowly stand back up straight.  They don't hurt for very long but when they do it's not fun.  

Name: The name is sticking so far!  I'm not ready to get her a monogrammed pillow quite yet but I think it's the name we'll go with.  It's kind of nice being able to call her by her name already.  

I haven't packed any bags yet, and if we are induced a week early I only have 5 weeks left which sounds so nuts!  That's only 37 days!!!  In 4 weeks I'll have one more ultrasound to check her size - that's when we'll decide about an induction or just letting Mother Nature take the lead.  Any other pregnancy and I would have said let Mother Nature have her fun, but for some reason this time having that early induction carrot dangling in front of my face makes it hard for me to agree to just hold on.  I'm praying hard and often that she decides to come on her own, early, so the decision is taken out of my hands.

Come on, Little Girl, we are ready to meet you!

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  1. People keep telling me I am smaller this time too.... it's good to hear when with the other two I was also a moose. I miss snuggling. Oli doesn't come to me often but when he does he just wants to snuggle. When we do snuggle baby kicks him, he hates it and he leaves me. OHHHH that feeling the bottom is falling out. I had the feeling 8/9 months of being pregnant with Oliver. This time it has been the last couple weeks. I hate it and I completely know what your going through. PS: I think it's the worst when the bottom is falling out as you go up and/or down stairs.

  2. Woohoo for a different kind of compliment (looking smaller)! I LOVED hearing that the second time around - I was SO big with Marcus!
    Before you know it, you'll be snuggling back on all your kiddos - Baby Girl included. :)
    I'm praying the little miss decides to come early (but not too early!), and on her own - and then all your worries will take care of themselves.

  3. Soo excited to see what's happening - this is the first time I've commented and super excited to see your progress - let's know when you make a decision!