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Weekend Rewind

Good Monday morning!  Sort of.  Ugh, the weekend went so fast and we worked around the house most of it so didn't get much lazy down time.  I'm exhausted!  Add to that hardly any sleep Saturday night and no nap yesterday to catch up and I'm beat!

Friday night was fun - we set the baby crib up!  We cleaned the Princess's room top to bottom that night, too.  Last night we hung the shelves and clothes rods in the boys' closets so all of their clothes are out of the little girl's room which means now I can paint her dresser and finish putting her room together!  So excited to get to the decorating part!

Saturday was a full, long day of yard work.  My brother in law came with all of his equipment and we got the dirt patch tilled up, smoothed out and seeded.  We had a couple of other spots around the yard that we needed dirt added to fill in low spots, and those areas were tilled, also.  Andy and I were wiped out that night!

Yesterday Andy tilled the dirt in those low spots because it was too wet and cloddy the day before.  Then we smoothed those areas out, seeded and covered them with straw.  We also trimmed the bushes and did the Fall cleaning out of the flower beds.  It was a little early for the cleaning this year but I knew I needed to get it done while the getting was good because I'm sure in a couple weeks I won't want to bend over and work on it.  Plus I had the energy to get it done, something that is rare as of late.  After that we ran to town for sprinklers, came home and set them up and started the process of watering and growing grass.  Ugh, at least 2 weeks of watering every single day.  If it was just leaving the sprinklers in one place and only having to turn them on and off it'd be no big deal, but it's such a big area that I have to move them 5 times!!!  Seriously, going to spend over an hour of my time every morning dealing with that. It'll be nice to have green grass in those spots again, though, so I'll try not to complain too much.

We finished off the weekend with hanging the shelves and clothes rods in the closets, then moving all of their clothes down to their rooms.  Not a huge job but figuring out where to put everything is always a job in itself.  I got everything hung, folded and put away and for the next 2 days it'll look nice and organized. After that I'm sure the boys will have it destroyed. :)  All that's left in their rooms is to hang the closet doors, but we need to sand and paint those first.  Not a big job, just not one that sounds like a lot of fun right now.  Hopefully we'll get that done this week and I can finally do a big reveal post next week.  Fingers crossed! XXX

Saturday night Tate woke up 4 times crying.  I believe it was his teeth bothering him.  He had a fever of 101 degrees, which luckily Ibu Profin took care of.  But it made for a sleepy day for me yesterday. Luckily it didn't slow me down, somehow, and I was able to get all of that stuff done.  But I was too tired to stay up and really experience the Super Moon and eclipse.  I saw some of it, tried taking a couple pics that didn't turn out, then gave up and went to bed.  I slept like a rock last night!

Today I have my 32 week baby check up!  In 3 days I get to say "Next month Baby will be here!"  Can't wait!

Have a great one!

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  1. You all jam packed your weekend.
    It's so crazy to hear about you running sprinklers and such when out here people are pulling the grass out of their yards to conserve water.
    I can't wait to see the boys room (so close to being done) AND the little lady's room!

  2. I cannot wait to see all your room reveals!!!! I have been waiting for this!

    Is the link up over?

  3. I remember when I had energy to do stuff... now I can hardly peel myself out of my recliner. I can't wait to see Princesses room.

  4. It sounds like you got a lot accomplished! I hope you get some rest this week. XOXO Have a great week!