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Thursday Musings

Remember how Tuesday I told you our microwave kicked the bucket? Well guess what - our toaster did the same thing Wednesday morning!  Same kind of deal - it was a graduation gift from 16 years ago so it had lasted quite a long time but still - ugh!  And of course all I wanted for breakfast was toast! What a bummer!  You don't tell a pregnant woman that the one thing she wants to eat she can't have, ha ha!  Luckily there was less fanfare surrounding the death of the toaster compared to the microwave - no fire, no bad smells, it just wouldn't work.  For the second time in less than a week I made a mad dash to town to buy a replacement appliance.

Funny thing about this is that at Christmas last year I had asked my in laws for a 4-slice toaster, which they got me.  But the darn thing's button wouldn't stay down so we had to exchange it.  The second toaster did the same thing!  I got tired of messing with it so just took the money and ran.  I kind of forgot about it this whole year, until yesterday when the darn 2-slice toaster died.  I found a different brand 4-slice toaster, which Andy is now calling The Boheamuth because he thinks its huge. I like it and it toasted my toast this afternoon for snack perfectly. :)

Tuesday night I had a hair appointment. With Baby coming I decided to go back to my natural color so I didn't have any upkeep so we put in quite a few low-lights to phase out the lighter brown balyage hi-lights I had done a couple months ago.  I love it, it'll make growing out those lighter pieces much easier. Plus, the beauty of balyage is that the growing out process is easier than with foiled hi-lights, so these low-lights will really make it easy!

I want to thank 'Jessica' who left me a comment yesterday.  It meant the world to me, was so sweet and I wanted to tell you thank you.  You are a 'no-reply blogger' which means I can't reply to your comment directly but I wanted you to know your words were so helpful and kind.  THANK YOU!

Have a great Thursday, friends!

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  1. Your hair looks great! I'm considering going a darker for fall but haven't found a stylist I love :(

    Appliance shopping is AWFUL! Chip bought me a toaster last Christmas that I exchanged because it was monstrous and the cord was too short to reach where I needed it to reach (behind the oven). I bought the cheapest toaster I could find at Walmart and it works!

  2. Love the hair!!! I have roots the size of Texas, I pushed my appointment back a few weeks so I was kinda fresh, but not too fresh, for my brothers wedding on Halloween.

    Knock on wood none of our appliances go out any time soon especially my Keurig and toaster, they are loved every morning. Actually I secretly pray the microwave shots craps. I hate that thing... it came with the house.

  3. Let's hope your big appliance don't follow suit of your little ones!

    Love love love your hair!!