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Baby Girl - Week 29

How far along: 29w4d - can you believe on Saturday I'll be in the 30's???  That's just nuts!

Sleep: It's not been super great this past week - waking up once a night, having a hard time falling back asleep.  Last night, though, I slept all night long.  Then I woke at 6:28 a.m. with a start because I had wanted to leave the house by 6:30 for my glucose test at the hospital.  I made it out of the house 18 minutes later so didn't do too bad.

Best moment of this week: Saturday when Back to School shopping with my mom and sister I found the sweetest little clothes at Target that had the Shy Kitten from the Little Golden Books on them.  Like, super cue stuff!  I absolutely love the cute little kitten and wanted to get one of the shirts for the Princess but walked away from it, hoping I'd be able to keep my eye on it until it went on sale or clearance.  Well, yesterday I was in the big city and was at Target getting a baby gift for a cousin and thought I'd just check them out again.  I ended up walking out of there with one of the t-shirts for next summer.  I couldn't help myself!  I do not like cartoon characters on my kid's clothes (sorry, Sweetpea, but no Minnie Mouse shirts!), but I was just so smitten by that sweet little kitten face, plus most people will not know it's from a book, so I caved over the cuteness and thought of seeing our little girl in it.

Miss anything: I'm going to miss chocolate covered donuts.  I'm sitting at the hospital right now waiting for my third of 4 blood draws because I failed my glucose test last week.  I wasn't surprised, not upset like last time, just knew it was going to happen.  I might cry a little when I fail this 3 hour test because of the pain of pricking my finger 4 times a day and the pain of having to really watch every little thing I eat, but then I'll be fine because I've done it before and it wasn't that big of a deal.  And I did it while my day was in the hospital after his accident, which made it extremely difficult. So if I could survive that, I can definitely survive it again.

Movement: I love this wiggly little girl!  It is so fun to feel her move around in there.  Lately she is doing more pushing out with her little feet.  At night I'll lay in bed on my side and just wait for her to start her daily exercises.  She'll push out her little foot and I'll gently push back at it. Sometimes she pulls away quickly, like it tickled, other times she'll push back a little then slowly move it away.  I just cannot wait to meet this sweet little baby!

Food cravings: I'm the most boring pregnant woman ever - no cravings!  I've never had those "I can't stand it until I get it" kind of cravings with any of my pregnancies.  Where's the fun in that?!?

Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!    

Labor signs: I had a few Braxton Hicks hugs this week, some pressure 'down there', but nothing terribly exciting.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Pretty happy for the most part.

Looking forward to: Getting the results back from this glucose test so I can just get it figured out and move on.  I'm tired of it hovering over my head.

Symptoms/Side effects:  Well, I've been pretty smug up til now that I can still move, roll over, bend over, etc. with out any extra effort. That's all changed this week.  Monday I got out of the shower and went to bend over to dry off my legs and I couldn't - it was a struggle!  So for the rest of this pregnancy I'll be putting my leg up on the edge of the tub to dry it off. And the days of bending over to get something off the floor are over - she's too big and in the way now.  Getting up off the couch if I'm laying down on it is quite the feat.  I am still rolling over in bed fairly easily, but that's by way of rolling over my tummy.  Rolling over quickly by way of my back, not so easy.  

Name:  Nope.  I got everyone excited yesterday by calling her Princess Grace.  I thought I had mentioned that before but I guess not.  When we found out she was a girl I wanted to call her something other than just The Baby.  I love Princess Grace, she is so beautiful and classy and perfect so I started using that.  Grace is NOT the name, as pretty as it is.  Sorry to get everyone all worked up! :)  We are still working on a name.  Less than 10 weeks to go, I'm afraid I'll just settle on Andy's made up  name because we are desperate.  That's what I did with 'Brennan', and I grew to love it within in hours of him being born. We shall see.

I'll have a bump picture for you next week. 

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  1. I have been sending prayers that you pass this glucose test. When I hit about 30 weeks is when I was unable to move and now I am starting to get the pain down there. I really hate when my attorney calls to me and says "can you get this file" because to get out of my chair is painful and a chore. I know you asked me for a preggo pic but I am really not liking how I am looking which is why I have been reluctant to post one... maybe this week but we will see.

  2. I cannot believe you're almost to week 30. That's just so crazy, and exciting!!
    As much as I don't like character clothes, I can't help but love me some Minnie Mouse. :) But, I'll die the day Julia comes to me and says she wants Princess so-and-so shoes, or shirt, or whatever. I don't know what it is, but I REALLY don't like *that* kind of character stuff.
    You'll have to let me know how your glucose test turns out. Shoot me a text!

  3. I hope the test went well. I was sending good vibes your way!!!