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Going On’s Around Here


Happy Monday!  December 1st, wow!  I love love flipping my calendar to the next month (mostly because I get bored with the pictures) but this month I am always SUPER excited to flip over to December. Except for it being the very last month of the year, I don’t like that part.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike New Years?  Always worries me a little that the world is another year older. 

Anyway, what have we been up to around here? 

Celebrating Thanksgiving.  There are 2 Kindergarten classes at the boys’ school and every year one class is the Pilgrims while the other class is the Indians. Then they have a big feast all together to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Can you tell from this picture which class Bren was in?


Friday the Christmas decorations came up from the storage closet in the basement.  Tate loved the box of Christmas books and pulled out at least half of them while the rest of us decorated the tree.  I caught him in the act with my camera.  You can also tell he liked the red tree, he was fascinated by it and kept touching it.  Andy and the boys did a good job fluffing the branches of the tree and putting it together but I couldn’t get a picture where I captured all three of their faces at the same time.


Cussing over half-lit strands of Christmas lights.  This was not my year for having my lights light up when I plugged them in.  All but one of my strands only lit up half way.  Some lit up in the middle of the strand but both ends didn’t, some didn’t light up on one end or the other.  I have no idea why this happened.  We ran to town to grab some more lights and would you believe one of the strands I got at the store did the same thing to me?!?  I was pretty crabby after that, totally took the Christmas festiveness right out of me.  Because of that there’s no ‘after’ picture of my tree, but you don’t care to see it anyway – it’s pretty lame this year.  Same as the rest of the decorations in my house.   Not sure what happened to my mojo, it seems to have vanished.   Hoping when I wrap presents I can make those extra pretty and not skimp like I did last year.  I don’t think I even put sticky bows on the gifts last year.  Womp womp.

Dynamite came … sort of.  He brought a note and candy for the boys telling them he was sorry but he got busy playing Reindeer Games and eating candy canes and didn’t get their gifts finished yet so he’d be a couple weeks late this year.  Bummer. But it gets me off the hook having to move him for the next 2 weeks!



I finished my Christmas shopping.  Save a few odds and ends here and there, I am all done!  So excited about that!   Mom, Nicole and I went on our annual ‘Saturday After Thanksgiving’ shopping trip and I was able to get all finished up.  Now to wrap it all up!  Hoping Tater stays out of the gifts (and tree) so I don’t end up having to re-wrap them.

Brennan had his first overnighter at a friend’s house.  How is it that in the blink of an eye they are 30 years old and staying their first night at a friend’s house???  Waaaa!!!!  I was secretly hoping he’d change his mind and want to come home but not my big boy! He was a brave little guy and had a ton of fun.  I missed him like mad and was so happy to see him when I picked him up.  He has been wanting to stay with a friend overnight for quite some time since Aiden gets to do this so he was over the moon happy when they called and asked.  Sniff sniff.

I got my 2015 calendars!  I love filling out a new calendar, feels so exciting to open the clean pages and mark them up!  Now to choose which one I want for my ‘main’ calendar.  Barns or scenery?  Tough choice!


And that’s the going on’s around here.  Since it’s December things are ramping up around here.  Busy plans every single weekend between now and 2015.  I love that part of the holiday season, makes it so festive and fun!  The countdown is on, only 21 more days … until my true love’s birthday!!!  (And my sweet friend, Shelli’s!)  Yes, my poor guy got the shaft as far as birthday’s come and it’s 3 days before Christmas.  Luckily I came in to his life and made up for that, ha ha!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, LOVE!!!

Have a great week, all!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous that your shopping is done! I was able to do quite a bit on Thursday online w/ great sales and free shipping (score!) but definitely still have a lot to do too. Oyy, busy season!!

  2. Tate looks so cute in that box of books! His smile!!! I have all my shopping done with exception to gifts for G's teachers.

  3. Look how handsome your son is as a Pilgrim :) I can't believe how much Tate has grown since I have last stopped by!! so cute!!!

    Yay for Christmas decorations!! We are getting ours out tonight and I am so excited :D

  4. Our shopping is 99% done, and I love it. And, so much of our (my) shopping was done through small business. I can't wait for those gifts to be opened!
    Christmas lights - the bane of my existence. I let Scott deal with that mess while I happily place ornaments on the tree.

    Grab your self some hot cocoa, add a splash of peppermint schnapps, and get your Christmas mojo back! :)

  5. I am the same way about calendars!