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Dynamite // 2014


Dynamite, our elf on the shelf, has been coming to visit us for 4 years now.  The first year he just moved from one resting place to another. The second year he started to cause a little fun mischief and the third even more of that mischief.  Then this year it dawned on me – those little elves are supposed to remind our kids to be good, not naughty, so they can go back to Santa every night and tell him that the littles deserve their Christmas presents.  So why on earth is it ok for the elves to be naughty if the kids shouldn’t be?

This year Dynamite stepped up to the plate and showed the kids that being good is fun and can be silly.  Here are 9 pictures of our friend Dynamite from this year.  Feel free to pin the image to your Pinterest boards to reference for ideas for next year!


One morning Dynamite hid 12 candy canes and left a note for the boys to find all 12.  Another morning he left a note for Tate saying “Peek a boo, Tate!” and hid behind the plant.  And yet another he left a grocery list with $7 in Monopoly money for us to buy him some candy.  The rest of the days he tried to be as sneaky as possible to hide in hard to find places so the boys really had to look for him.  My favorite day was the 23rd, he hid in the manger holding Baby Jesus to remind the boys why we really celebrate Christmas. 

So, no outrageous things happened this year, like when he wrapped the toilet in wrapping paper last year, but the boys still had just as much fun with him.  Being good is the way to go, right Dynamite?


“I am going 2 miss you boys!”

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  1. AW- I am not a EOTS fan but I loved how you executed this year. You have a sweet elf.