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Christmas 2014


It’s almost a week later and I still can’t believe Christmas 2014 is in the books and over.  Everything’s picked up, our returns and exchanges have been made and the store’s Christmas section is marked down 50% and picked over.  Sigh, I wasn’t ready to see it go.

For me, this was the year of the kitchen appliances.  I received a 4 square waffle iron, large electric griddle, large 15” cast iron skillet, 10 cup food processor and a 4 slice toaster.  In case you are wondering, YES I asked for all of those.  I was tired of making 3 pancakes at a time or 2 waffles at a time and not getting to sit down and eat breakfast with my family after I’d made it.  Also tired of the traffic jam at the 2 slice toaster every weekday morning.  It was fun this past weekend making breakfast and actually eating it with the rest of the family!


Don’t worry, I didn’t pair that scarf with the pink cardi – it was a gift from my sister so I obviously had to try it on right away!  Next time Andy’s gone for the night I’m going to sleep w/ that iron skillet next to my bed in case I need to knock out an intruder – it’s heavy!

Since this was Tatie Tot’s first Christmas we took a ton of pictures of him.  His favorite gifts were those that played music and lit up – he loves music and it’s so cute watching his face light up with a big smile when we crank up him new ‘radio’!


The boys’ big gift from us this year were their very own tablets for reading and playing games on. I wrapped them inside of 3 boxes that were all wrapped so they unwrapped quite a bit to get to their one gift. They thought that was pretty funny.


We’ve barely seen their faces since.  I’m allowing them to play quite a bit now since they are new and it’s their school break, but come next week time limits will be set. 

Every year we take a group shot of the kids in front of the Christmas tree and one of the kids and my parent’s after the kids open their new jammies from Papa and Grandma (my folks).



Here are pics from a couple years back of the kids so you can see how much they’ve changed:


One memory I wanted to get down so I won’t forget later in life is how Tate would push wrapped presents around the floor.  He’d put his hands on the top then stand up and start pushing.  He’d just push until he ran into a road block (the wall, a chair) then he’d abandon them and go find something else to do.  It made me laugh.


Always one to look ahead, I’ve already started my 2015 gift lists.  I keep a running list every year of ideas I have for myself, Andy and the boys so when it comes time for their birthdays or the next Christmas and someone asks me for an idea I have a decent sized list started already.  It really comes in handy!  I just keep it in a notebook in my junk drawer so I can easily pull it out when ever someone says “I want…” 

Happy New Year to you all! 


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  1. Tate is getting so big!!

    Also I always ask for kitchen stuff for Christmas. I love it. Next fall Pioneer Woman has cookware and a new cookbook coming out. My current 2015 list!

  2. I do the same thing with a gift list! I don't quite start this early like you but I'm always jotting it down when the kids say 'I want... '... it's such a good way to get them gifts they actually want and get the most out of your money, buying something you know that will be loved!

    Sounds like a great Christmas... you look awesome, btw!

  3. Looks like an awesome Christmas. I love new kitchen items....

  4. You're so funny! I would have never noticed the scarf with pink cardigan! Looks like a fun Christmas! I Love the thoughts behind your Christmas gifts! So nice to enjoy a meal with your family!