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First Things First

Hey there!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday and most of today, I’m being lazy for some reason.  Must be the winter blahs.

Today I’m going to link up with Pasta, Polka Dots and Penguins.  I found this link up when reading the sweet Kadi’s blog post today, I love this idea so thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

First Things First

(Ok, so yes I have 2 buttons on here.  The top one will actually link you back to the blog, the second one is their new button that you are supposed to use now.  Sorry to be so confusing, just wanted you to be able to get there if you wanted to join in on the fun!)

Todays topics are:

First beverage of choice

First breakfast of choice

First dessert of choice

Ok, Friends, lets dive right in!

First beverage of choice:

MT DEW!!!  Ugh, that shit is the devil and I lurve it!!!  Fill ‘er up!  I try to limit myself to 1 can a day so don’t be getting all kinds of crazy ideas that I fill up my Big Mug every day full of that yellow deliciousness, but I do drink it fully leaded, I will admit that.  Oh, and I have NEVER had a cavity, so don’t think I’m sitting up here in the sticks with no teeth in my face. Ha ha!!

First breakfast of choice:

I have 2 pieces of toast every morning, some days with jelly, some days with cinnamon and sugar.  Add a side of chocolate milk (1% with 2 T of Quik) and I’m set.  If it’s the weekend and I cook breakfast than my first choice is scrambled eggs.  No!  Pancakes.  No!  Scrambled eggs.  Oh hell, I’d love an Omelet Biscuit from Hardees every stinkin day of the week if I could!  Luckily the nearest Hardees is 50 minutes away so I never get one, but oh boy are those things AH-mazing! 

First dessert of choice:

This is a tough one to answer.  I like brownies, pie, and in the past year or so, cheesecake.  But I don’t get ‘dessert’ that often, those are reserved for holidays and birthdays.  And once in a while to spoil myself at a good restaurant, but by the time it’s the dessert portion of the meal I’m stuffed.  I guess what I’m saying is I don’t have a dessert of choice, but I do like the things I listed and will choose one of those for dessert.

Welp, another snowy day here in the Midwest.  School let out at 1 again today.  Was it necessary?  In my humble opinion, no.  But they don’t pay me the big bucks to make that call, unfortunately, so I will just go along with what they tell me. 

Miss Melly over at 4Kottez listed a bunch of smut books today to read.  If you’re a fan of Mr. Gray (you know, 50 Shades!) then go on over and check out her post so we can dish on more of the fabulousness that is smut books. Ha ha!!! Oh, and I just call her Miss Melly, she really goes by Mel.  I just love Gone With The Wind, thus the name ‘Miss Melly’. Glad I could clear that up. 

Wow, what a weird, random post.  It’s 5:10, my brain is fried, it’s what you get.

Ok, time to get supper going. And no, I don’t have any fabulous recipe I’m cooking up, it’ll be ‘shit salad’ tonight. I suck.

Talk soon!



  1. aww thanks for the shoutout sweet thang! I literally LOL at this post pop is the devil but its so damn good! Totally going to be adding those books to my list!

    ah yes yet another storm. 730 this morning the forcast said a "dusting" of snow today. It is now 545pm and were expected to get 5-9 total from today into tomorrow JOY! school got let out early here and I braved it out and stayed at work the whole tomorrow may be a diff story haha

    stay warm girlie!

  2. LOL! Shit salad. What do working parents do when their kid gets off the bus early? Thats so crazy to me but it doesn't snow much here so we dont have huge issues in that area.

    We are having something VERYYYYYYYY fancy!


  3. Shit salad?! ahahahahaha

    And I had no idea you were a Mt Dew girl. I hope things are in the upswing up there. I'm still thinkin' of ya!

  4. You crack me up.... Love smut stories. LOL...