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Wedding Re-Do, Magic Mike & Everything Else

I love weddings, and I loved having a wedding.  I wish I could have a wedding every year on our anniversary.  I am reading Nora Robert's Bride Quartet (4 books about 4 women who own a bridal business and fall in love themselves) and boy is it making me antsy about weddings!  I always wanted to be a bridal planner but live in a small town where those don't exist.  I don't think anyone would pay for someone to plan a wedding for them around here when so many brides and mother's plan their own.  But I would really love to do, so if anyone wants any help let me know! :)

Went to see 'Magic Mike' last night with 7 other gals.  I giggled through most of it.  Matthew McConaughy is one of my favorite heart throbs!  The way he talks, with his Texas accent, just makes me swoon. Yummy!  And the movie was fine, I didn't go for the story, if you catch my drift!

We went to a local park this morning to meet a new friend for Brennan, my 3 yr old.  He is starting preschool this fall so we thought it'd be nice for him to make a new friend that will be in his class.  Little Will, Bren and Aiden played and had a great time.  Will is outgoing, just the type of friend our introvert needs.  We made plans to meet up once more before school starts.  (Oh, and Will's mom is really nice and I made a new friend today, too.)

Our computer needs a new hard drive.  Translation: We're getting a new computer.  We decided spending $300 on a hard drive (and whatever else they do to the computer) was not that smart when we were planning on getting a new laptop in the next year anyway.  So our plans for that got moved up.  Now to get a new laptop. 

If you could have another wedding what would you do differently?



  1. I love weddings too and would SO have a wedding every year on our anniversary! I have said to my husband, lets get married again pleeeease! We will be married 2 years in September, lol. But I LOVE to plan and had an amazing time planning my wedding all alone! I too live in a very small town but with a high "rich" population so they would SO go for a wedding/event planner around here.

    Also I too saw Magic Mike and LOVE Matthew McConaughy and I also agree I was not into the story line of the drugs and things - it was a lot darker of a story than I expected from the fun previews on TV.