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Happy To Be Back!

I finally got my computer!!!  I am so happy and feel like I have regained my freedom.  I am not addicted to the computer (I think) but it is so handy to have around and it is my guilty pleasure in the afternoons when my little guys are snoozing/resting.  It feels like things are back to normal for me.

How was your weekend?  We had a busy, productive weekend.  Friday my husband took the day off so we could take the boys back to school shopping.  It was a great day!  Brennan, who will be in 3 yr old preschool, was so excited to pick out a lunchbox.  His preschool is all day long, 2 days/week.  We live in such a tiny town that very few people actually work in this town, so to drive 20 miles to pick up your kid over your lunch hour, then back to work again doesn't work for most, thus the long days.  They do take naps daily, tho, which my 3 yr old needs.  After shopping we took the boys to a place called The PlayStation.  It's an indoor jungle gym.  They had so much fun chasing each other, climbing, going down slides and being loud!  Friday was such a great day.

Saturday we finally finished our deck.  We basically had it done but needed to tack up firring strips to cover the staples used to hang the screen.  Just as we were finishing up it started to rain -- FINALLY!!!  If we knew all we had to do to get rain here was work on that deck we would have done it long ago!  I also pulled my green bean plants and took down the fence we had around them to keep the rabbits out.  Our little pumpkin and ornamental gourd vines are going crazy and needed that space to stretch out in.  (BTW-- my tomatoes are doing awesome!  I canned 7 qts of cocktail juice for chili last week and will can plain juice tomorrow.)

Sunday we went to a farm supply store in a town about 45 minutes away.  Every year in October they bring in a ton of toys to sell for Christmas and we go there with my in-laws to get a start on Christmas shopping.  But during the rest of the year they sell Carter's kids clothes and adult clothes, and always have a clearance rack.  I was able to pick up a snazzy pair of Levi 4T slim jeans for Brennan for $10!  Jammies for each boy and a shirt for my husband.  I got a garden flag. :)  They were selling out their nursery/plant stock so I picked up 2 variegated leave Sweet Potato Vine for 99cents each to redo a planter I hung on our fence (the other stuff died in the last bought of 95+ degree temps).  Then we went and picked a bunch of sweet corn with  my parent's and sister (and 4 kids!) and had a pizza supper afterward with the family.  It was a GREAT weekend.  Nice and long and we accomplished a lot.

Today I froze that sweet corn.  Ended up with 21 pint.  Add the 10 pint I did a couple weeks ago and I think we'll be good for most of the winter.  I love canning and freezing my own produce.  It makes it exciting to use later on, knowing I did it for our family.

What would you like to accomplish during a long weekend?

Have a great one,

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