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6 Years Old!

Saturday my oldes turned 6 years old.  He had a great weekend.  Saturday he had 3 friends over to celebrate.  They are such fun boys, I'm happy he has good kids to be best buddies with.  They played on the slip-n-slide, the sprinkler, with buckets of water and water balloons.  It was 95+degrees outside, so the water party worked out great.  We played a couple of relay games, but mostly they just ran around playing in the water.  It was a lot of fun.
Aiden's on the right

Sunday evening we had family over to celebrate.  My niece (3) and nephew (7) came in their swim suits so more water fun.  Because Aiden is a June-bug we always have nice weather to grill out, which is a pretty easy meal to throw together.  But this year he told me he wanted hot wings for supper.  I knew over half of our guests wouldn't want those so in addition to the hot wings I made walking tacos.  I crunched up a bag of Doritos and put them in a bowl and let people build their own bowl.  It was so darn easy and good, everyone loved the idea.  And it was a lot less work for us because I had the meat cooked and in a crock pot keeping warm before everyone arrived.  Genius!

I made 2 robot cakes (found the idea here), one for each party.  They were so darn easy to put together.  Betty Crocker has some awesome, easy cake ideas. Check out their website.

We decided, after much consideration, to buy Aiden a Nintendo 3DS.  I still think 6 is too young to be given that much responsibility (come on, folks, those things aren't cheap!) but that is all he wanted for his big day.  I am a stickler for limits on vidoe games, but on his birthday I let him play that thing as much as he wanted.  I bet he was on it for a total of 5 hrs that day.  Isn't that sick?  Makes me grossed out thinking about it.  But he said thank you over and over that day, so I am happy that we made him happy by getting it for him.  It came with Mario Kart and Andy's brother got him a Spiderman game, so he'll be set for a little while.  Guess I know what we're getting him for Christmas -- more games. 

We had an amazing weekend, I wasn't ready for it to be over at all.  So glad this is a short week with the 4th.  I'm ready to continue celebrating!

How was your weekend?  Do anything noteworthy?  Leave me a comment with you answer!


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