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Computer Woes

My computer is acting up, something to do with the hard drive or drive C or something.  I'm not a techie-type so I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it.  My husband diagnosed the problem for me.  Because it's not working properly I am borrowing my husband's work laptop to get on the Internet which really stinks because he doesn't have any of the blogs I follow in his favorites list. :(   < -----  This is me pouting.  Not having my computer is like not having my car keys -- I can't go anywhere, do anything and I'm bored.  :(   Pouting again.

When will it get fixed?  I have no idea.  My husband is sick (a tummy ache) so not in the mood to discuss my computer issues and how I will get the darn thing back up and running again.  So if I am absent a lot in the next couple weeks that is why.  Hopefully my husband will be kind enough to bring this beast of a machine home with him  nightly so I can keep in touch.  The good thing is that I can  check my email, Facebook and Twitter on my phone.  Pinterest isn't as much fun on my phone so will be taking a break from that for a while.  :(   Yes, I am pouting again! 

Sorry for the short, boring post.  Just wanted to let you know Homemade Happenings will be quiet.  Now if my house could be quiet for awhile...

What would you do if you didn't have your computer for a week or two?


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