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Are you the type of person who likes to rearrange your furniture often?  I love to, but in our old house we didn't have a room that lended itself to changes so it's been 5 years since I've put my back into it and pushed the couch and chair around.  I also like to change other things, like this blog.  So I went back to my original title, Homemade Happenings.  I won't do this again, just realized that Dear Grandma wasn't what I was going for anymore.  So I hope you don't mind this change too much. I also changed my settings to allow for anonymous comments.  You don't have to be a member of anything to comment now, so hopefully you'll drop me a line soon!

One quick thing -- we had a cow in our yard this afternoon!  I saw something pass by the window out of the corner of my eye and jumped up to see what it was.  And it was a calf!  A cute, little brown thing.  I thought I heard moo-ing earlier and now I know why.  It ran out of my yard before it's owner could catch it, now it's on the loose again.  Wonder how long they'll be chasing it!

Have a great afternoon!

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