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Boredom Busters

I am trying to get ahead of summer by coming up with some activities and ideas to keep Aiden busy and all three of us active once school is out.  One thing I know I will need are some 'Boredom Busters'.  Aiden told me Saturday morning, and hour and fifteen minutes after he woke up, that he was bored.  Seriously?  In that short amount of time he'd eaten, gotten dressed, brushed him teeth and made him bed, so it's not like he was just sitting around not doing anything.  Right then and there I realized I needed an arsenal of ideas for when he told me for the 100th time that he was bored.  So I came up with the idea for a jar of 'Boredom Buster' ideas.  I don't have it made yet but here is the list of ideas I have come up far. :)

Wipe down the baseboards

 Pick up toys in your bedroom 

Pick up toys in your brother’s room 

Pick up toys in the basement 

Color a picture of a farm 

Color a picture in a coloring book 

Write the ABC’s 2 times 

Write everyone’s names that you know 

Play Matchbox cars 

Run around the house 3 times as fast as you can 

Play play dough 

Make a batch of cookies with Mom 

Water the outside plants 

Straighten up the book shelf

Fold a load of laundry 

Put away all the shoes 

Imagine you are a race car driver 

Read a book 

Listen to music and sing along 

Write out a menu for supper 

Color with sidewalk chalk/paint 

Build a sand castle in your sandbox 

Play farm 

Ride your bike 

Kick a soccer ball around the house 2 times 

Wash the table legs and chairs 

Weed the garden 

Put a puzzle together

If you have any suggestions of more ideas please send them to me, these won't last but a week!

Have a great night,

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