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30 Week Bump-date

If you read my post yesterday you know I had my 2nd glucose test, the dreaded 3 hour one.  The time went by pretty fast, actually.  Just before my 9:30 blood draw I started feeling ‘funny’.  Luckily that passed.  I didn’t get fuzzy at any of the blood draws so that’s a big success for me.  Hoping to get the results today.  Based on how my appointment went afterwards I’m guessing that I do have gestational diabetes.

So, my appointment.  I went in with a couple of questions this time. First, I keep waking up laying on my stomach…sort of.  I prop my leg up out to the side, Andy calls it my kickstand.  But when I sleep like this I sleep amazing!!  So I asked if that would/could hurt the baby.  The answer is no, so restful nights here I come!!!  And bye-bye body pillow!

My second question was about heartburn. Boy do I have it!  I’ve been having some here and there (mostly here) since about 11 weeks, but over the last 3 weeks or so it has been so much worse.  It’s gotten to the point where Tums doesn’t cut it anymore. So she gave me a scrip for Zantac. Started that yesterday and I can already notice a difference!  Aww, sweet relief!

If you remember from my 24 week checkup I was measuring a little big, about 3 weeks big at that point.  2 weeks ago at my checkup the other dr. told me I was measuring ‘fine’.  Um, okay, what does that mean compared to where I was 2 weeks before that?  So she (my main dr.) measured me yesterday, said I was still measuring big.  When I asked how big she laughed and said ‘Well, I wasn’t going to say but since you asked, you’re measuring 4 WEEKS AHEAD!!!!”  Holy shit!!!  You know me, I’m a worry-wort, so I started to panic just a bit.  She said we should go ahead and do an ultrasound and scheduled one in 2 weeks before my next appointment.  I asked what they could find there (again, panicking) and she said we’ve already ruled out that anything is wrong with the baby so it shouldn’t find anything like that. Basically, relax Erin!  They will measure the baby and see if it’s measuring big, check my amniotic fluid to see if I have excess of that and just check that kind of stuff out.  No biggie, doesn’t mean anything is wrong, just want to keep track of baby and make sure it’s not getting too big.  Hello early induction!  Maybe.  So I’m super excited about this US because the boys will be home for Christmas break and can go with us without any (or not much) worry about finding something wrong with baby. Basically we just get another look at it and the boys can see what it’s all about!  So that part’s exciting. 

Now, because of this I am fairly certain they will tell me I have GD. 

Hold the presses – just got the phone call.  Yep, GD it is.  Out of the 4 blood draws you have to fail 2, which I did, but only barely on the one.  Oh well, this is good to know so I can make healthier choices for me and Baby and Baby, hopefully, won’t keep getting so big.  Waiting for a call back from the nurse with an appt. with the dietician.  You know how much of a freaker I am but crazy enough I’m totally calm about this!  Only thing that bums me out is I won’t get to eat the rest of my haystacks, boo hoo!  LOL!  So, that’s that.  Guess I’ll be blogging about how that all goes for me now.

Well, I need to make some phone calls now, so going to end this here. 



  1. It'll be fun to see the baby again and for the boys to see him/her as well! :)

  2. Dang girl! Four weeks :) I never understood how they could figure that stuff out.

    Although, you know, bigger babies sleep through the night quicker. So, that's a plus!

    1. Sorry to hear about the GD. But, now you know and can move forward!
      You'll have to take pics of the boys seeing the u/s!!!

  3. I was measuring big the whole time. Everything was perfectly normal, she was just a big baby! I'm sorry about GD but like you said, not the end of the world. I hope you're feeling okay. I had to take Zantac too. I had CONSTANT heart burn. Good luck with the ultrasound!

  4. Just 10 more weeks until you meet that beautiful healthy baby!!! Hang in there!

  5. You've got this!!! Meeting with the dietician will help because they will give you ideas of what to eat. Also, I think I went a little overboard with the diet at first. After I realized I could still eat things only in moderation, it was all good! Thinking of you, friend!!!

  6. Oh the hear run, I feel awful for you!! I hope the Zantac keeps working! And yes, finally, restful sleeps! Yay Erin!! Please relax! Everything will be fine!! I'm excited for you to have this US, annnnnnd, maybe an early baby?!

  7. love you girl. Heartburn=hair.