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I Want My Washer Back!

Hey there!  Sorry for being MIA yesterday.  Our washing machine decided to die on us this weekend so made a run to the Laundromat to wash a load of sheets and towels.  Do you know how dang expensive it is to wash a load in a super capacity in BFE Iowa??  $5!!!! And a regular size machine is $3.50!!!  How do people afford that?  I didn’t even look at the dryers to see how much those were, I just brought my wet laundry home and dried them here.  Can you believe I have to wait until Wednesday for the repair man? We called them Saturday as soon as this happened and they can’t get here until Wednesday.  Ugh!  We know it’s not the belt that just slipped, Handy Andy checked that. So it’s the motor.  We’ll either be replacing the motor, they will be fixing the motor or we’ll be buying a whole new machine.  Not what I wanted for Christmas. Luckily my gifts are already wrapped and under the tree so he can’t take them back!  Of course the machine died right in the middle of a load, with a drum full of water.  We had to first bail out the sopping wet clothes, then bail out the water because it wouldn’t even drain.  Then to town we went and I borrowed my MIL’s machine to re-wash that load and 2 more.  What a pain.  If the machine can’t be fixed Wednesday I’ll be doing all of my laundry at my mom’s house Thursday.  Again, what a pain!  But it could be worse, I could have to use that darn Laundromat every week!

In other news, we went to visit Santa Saturday afternoon.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have a great Santa here!  He had the boys cracking up.  I just wish he’d ask them if they wanted to sit on his lap for the whole thing.  Here are a few pics.


Dynamite has been making the rounds in the house.  But after a bunch of temper tantrums and crabbiness on Saturday I asked Dynamite to sit out in the living room Sunday to keep an eye on the boys.  They were aware of me telling him this, too.  And then Sunday night I went to bed and completely forgot about moving him! Whoops, parent fail!  Luckily Monday morning both boys came in to snuggle with me in bed and one of them said “I wonder where Dynamite is today.”  Shit!!  So I told them I had to go to the bathroom, to stay in bed and I’d be right back. So I just grabbed him and stuffed him somewhere else. Ha ha! Back to the calendar for the rest of the week! P.S.  The toilet being wrapped was a huge hit! The boys loved it!


Saturday, after visiting Santa, we took the boys to the free movie at the theater.  This weekend’s was Turbo.  Uh, not a fan.  What did you think of it?  I mean, it was fine but just didn’t impress me at all.  After we left Andy said to me “That is the first movie I’ve ever fallen asleep in.”  LOL, mine too!!  We both passed out about the same time!  I hope I wasn’t snoring (#pregnancyproblems)!!

I am officially 31 weeks 2 days along now!  I think instead of counting down weeks (9 to go) I’ll start counting down days (61 days to go!).  It sounds shorter to me that way.  It’s the little things.  My GD is going well, I think.  I’m finally getting over my pity party, am not craving my Mt Dew nearly as much and am doing great on my glucose levels except for my fasting level before breakfast.  For some reason I can’t break the under 95 thing!  I have a meeting with my dietician tomorrow, hopefully she can give me a few more tips on that.  Otherwise I think I have the hang of it. 

At my appointment last Monday my dr. gave me a scrip for Zantac for my heartburn.  I just realized Sunday that I didn’t have it anymore and how awesome it was!  What a relief.  This coming Monday is my ultrasound to see just how big Baby is.  I am so tempted to find out the gender! Think I’m nuts?  I won’t , especially since my rock is telling me absolutely not!  But I’m tempted.  The boys will be there with us, can’t wait for them to see the baby on the screen!  It’ll be a fun little Christmas present for us.

This or That Link Up

Celebrity Christmas Carol remakes, Chipmunk Carol remakes?

Neither.  Give me good old traditional versions of the classics.  That includes Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”.  Ha ha!

Gift cards, gift baskets?

I’ve never been given a gift basket before but if it had something in it other than fruit I’d probably love it.  And you can never go wrong with a GC!  Give me one and I’ll spend it!

Naughty or Nice?

I try to be nice but am known to be naughty at times (hello hormones and bad temper outbursts!).  Um, when I walked out of church the other night I might have said loudly “I’m tired of his Cyclone bullshit”.  And yes, that was directed at our priest.  Whoops! I was fired up that night for some reason, ha ha!  Luckily only Andy and my parent’s heard.

Getting everything on your wish list, Giving someone everything on their wish list?

Definitely GIVING!  How fun is that to see someone’s eyes light up over the excitement of opening, I mean, UNWRAPPING, all of their gifts from you?!?

Presents on Christmas Eve, Presents on Christmas morning?

We do both.  Christmas Eve is at my folk’s house, Christmas morning is at our house w/ the boys (then Christmas dinner at my in-laws and Christmas supper at my Gma’s).  We have it all crammed into those 24 hours.  If we didn’t go to my folk’s on Eve we might open gifts to each other then, that way we’d reserve morning for Santa gifts.  That’s what we did when I was growing up.

Another fun This or That!  Thanks, girls!

Stop back tomorrow to read about my favorite Christmas traditions!



  1. Ugh sorry about your washer. I do laundry everywhere. My condo complex has washer and dryers but they are $1.50 each to use and very small. So if I wanted to do two loads (lets be honest, I always have more than 2) it's $6. I usually bring my laundry to my mom's, aunts, or brothers!

  2. Ughh, having a washer or dryer break is the absolute worst... and you're right, laundromats are so dang expensive, not to mention a total pain in the butt!

  3. Boo for a broken washer! Hopefully they can fix it and you won' have to buy a new one. I can remember going to the laundromat when I was a kid. What a pain!

    I haven't seen Turbo, but Todd took the kids. It is actually one of Brady's presents. So, I will let you know what I think.

    Love, love, love the pictures of the boys with Santa!

  4. Hahaha! I love how u emphasized UNWRAPPED. :)
    I hope it ends up being a cheap, easy fix on your washer!!! I hate laundry mats lol

  5. Before I even read the post I thought to myself "Wow that looks like a really great Santa" so jealous. Also one weekend our dryer broke, but I convinced myself it wasn't broken it just needed an extra round so I through another load in the washer while I waited... fast forward to three loads of wet laundry when I finally break down (literally crying) and had to drag three very wet VERY heavy loads to the laundrymat. Seriously worst weekend ever.
    Thanks for linking up!!

    It's too close I can Taste it...

  6. Sorry about your washer!! Laundromats are ZERO FUN! Our dishwasher just took a crap on us. I HATE washing dishes by hand.
    Yep, giving is the BEST part of Christmas. I love, love, love it!

  7. You swore in church!!! Hilarious! Go Erin!! Yeah, the hormones suck!!
    Ok, your boys are too much. They are both SO adorable!!
    And I'd be super pissed about the washing machine!M right before Christmas!! Ugh!!! Horrible! I hope it gets fixed Wednesday!! And good thing all your gifts are wrapped!! If you see one. Ore big box show up, I guess you'll know what it is! Lol!