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Christmas Recap 2013

Hey there! Happy Post Christmas!  We’re slowly getting the house back to normal.  All for one thing – this is the first year I didn’t take my decorations down the day after! Shocker!!!  But trust me, they are coming down today (even though they aren’t bothering me too much)!!! 

Yesterday we had fun playing with some new toys, then went to the big city to spend a couple of gift cards that were burning a hole in their owner’s pockets.  Andy had a shirt to exchange at Scheels, when we walked in the line was HUGE!  We thought by waiting till later afternoon we’d avoid that, but no.  The guy at the counter told us it was pretty dead at the return counter all morning, so next year if we need to return something there we’ll go first thing … or wait a few days.  But they were super speedy and got us through in no time at all.  Then Andy treated me to my favorite pizza for supper last night – Pagliai’s!  So good!  And I took advantage of the post-Christmas decoration discount and got a 40” greenery wreath to doctor up and hang up outside next year.  It’s huge and I love it!

As for Christmas, it was a great holiday for our family!  The boys were spoiled by all.  They both got Lego sets, which made them extremely happy.  Also DS games, Brennan got his Herky Pillow Pet (the Iowa mascot) and Aiden got the braided sports necklace thing that is all the rage here these days.


Our annual cousin group shots. (Can’t wait till next year when there’s a baby in these!)


And the pajama shot at my mom and dad’s house.


Andy spoiled me rotten, like always, and I got some really great gifts from him.  My favorite??  I really love my new Pioneer Woman Holiday cookbook! 

Here’s the only picture of me on Christmas:


A few odds and ends:


The aftermath:


This cute little guy:


My adorable dad who writes our Dynamite letters:


Speaking of Dynamite, he didn’t disappoint with his goodbye letter and gifts (a more detailed picture to come):IMG_0423.

And now the bitter part of Christmas – it’s all over until next year.  It just goes too fast.  We have all of our get-together’s within a 24 hour period so it’s all over so fast.  And I always hate how the boys are barraged with a ton of gifts in that time period so can’t remember what they got and from who and they don’t play with everything. 

So now we move on.  The next big thing for us to look forward to now is the baby’s arrival!  January is going to be a long, long month!  51 days to go!

Time to get back to building Lego sets, have a great weekend!



  1. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! I'll be recapping our Christmas on Monday when our festivities are over (It's been a long drawn out Christmas at our place- I'm not sure which is better... Cramming it all in 2 days or all drug out).

  2. Isn't that cookbook amazing?!?! I got the 1st book for Christmas. It was the onky one I was missing. My cousins also got her novel for me while I was in the hospital and her children's books for the kids for Christmas. My obsession is in full drive!!! Your boys are so handsome!!! Next year you'll be trying to get those cousin pictures with a crawling tot!!! Much fun!!!

  3. Glad you guys had a great holiday!!

  4. Looks like a great Christmas to me!!! The next month will fly by, and then you'll have your sweet baby to cuddle!!!

  5. Merry christmas lovely! You look great in that one picture of yourself! I cannot wait for afebruary!! So excited for your surprise :)

  6. It looks like it was a great day! And I agree, it's hitter sweet. I'm happy to take the decorations down, but I'll miss the whole holiday season! But, for some reason this year I'm so ready to get it all put away. Tomorrow is the day. Pack it all up, then clean the house!!

    Oh, I'm an auntie as of 6 hours ago!! A little boy, 8'13"!! No name yet, they like Kai, but think it's too close to Kyan! I wish they lived closer! Now I want my baby snuggles!

  7. Such a great Christmas!
    Holidays always seem to come and go in such a whirlwind. It's as if time speeds up when all the exciting events happen.