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It’s Dy-no-MITE!

Oh Dynamite, you are a silly little elf!  You make the boys’ mornings so fun and entertaining!

I went a little off the calendar plan this week because I wanted to use the hot chocolate day for one of our very cold mornings, so some rearranging has been done if you’re paying attention. 

Here are pictures of where we found Dynamite the last two mornings.


Brennan thought finding D in the silverware try was hilarious.  I asked him to bring me a spoon and that’s how he found him. 


Aiden was all over this one, mainly because he had whispered to me days ago that he hoped Dynamite would be in the manger one day.  That and he liked how Dynamite was cradling Baby Jesus, just like he was going to cradle our baby when it’s born.  What a sweetie.

The freezing, highs-in-the-teen’s/lows-in-the-single-to-below-zero-digit temps are here for a few days, so I believe Dynamite will be having his hot chocolate tonight.

Happy Thursday!



  1. These are cute! I am glad your kiddos like it! Because, it's all about the kids!!!

  2. When this wraps up you should do a Elf on the Shelf recap in pictures (so I can pin it and save it for when M is old enough). I love your ideas and I know I'll forget! :)

  3. Ah! This reminded me to move the elf!

  4. Aww, I love the baby Jesus one!! And love hearing how much the boys like it!!
    It's gotten so cold here too! Usually we hover around zero, to just below freezing. But tonight it's supposed to hit -20, and tomorrow too. Tomorrow we are having a kids Christmas party here, then heading downtown to see the Santa Claus parade, but with the temp I'm really not sure how long we will stay. I don't want to freeze the boys out!!

  5. I love both of these ideas!!! You are so creative!!! I seriously can't wait to do this with J when he is older.