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One Of My Best Ideas

Hey hey! It’s Friday!  We have a fun weekend ahead, Sunday is Andy’s birthday!!!  Yay! I love his birthday almost as much as I love my own!  The poor guy got jipped as a kid so I try to make his day as special as he is ever since we got married.  Unfortunately this year the storm of the century is threatening to ruin our plans.  Boo hoo!  I am so excited for this big snow storm but it comes on the worst day!  A day earlier would have been better.  But we can’t control Mother Nature so we’ll make the most of it here.  Our plans are still to go to Iowa City for the Hawkeye Men’s Basketball game.  We are meeting friends for that, too, so hopefully we can make it.  Supper that night is supposed to be with his family, but there’s not way we’re letting his folks drive clear over here (20 miles) in that kind of weather so that is officially cancelled, hopefully being rescheduled sometime.  If we have to stay home then the whole day will be full of everything Andy wants to do.  Watch football and movies maybe?  And of course open gifts!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life!  You only get better with age, Bud!

Now on to one of my best ideas I’ve ever had!

Before school started Brennan’s teacher came over and they made a chain with the same number of links left as there were days left until school started.  Every morning Brennan would remember on his own to take one link off, then he would count how many days were left.  It was such a great visual for him, otherwise he would have asked me every day, I’d tell him 5 and he would whine and cry and be mad because “that’s too long!!!!!”.  I thought it was a great tool but didn’t want to make a chain with 25 links. So, I tore off the December page of a calendar I wasn’t writing on and got Brennie some Christmas stickers. Then I grabbed some markers and pens and wrote down important to him dates for the month.  Every single day he remembers to put his sticker on the day, then he counts down how many days are left to our important dates.  It’s worked awesome!  And been so helpful for him to see where his big days are and how long till they are here.  This will be used again for sure!


It’s amazing how something so simple can be so helpful and easy! 

We are in the middle of getting some freezing rain and it looks like my internet might not be liking it too much so going to end this here and get this posted before it’s out completely.  Have a great weekend!  And if you aren’t reading blogs next week, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



  1. What a great idea,! I'll need to remember that in a couple years!
    Happy birthday Andy! I wish him a great day! And hope you guys have a great weekend, despite the Storm!!

  2. What a great idea!!! Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday whatever you do. Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I hope your plans with the Mr. worked out this weekend!
    Love the calendar idea. I'm sure I'll be referencing this post when M is a little older. ;)