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The Sky

Hey there!

When I left you yesterday I had just found out my glucose test came back positive.  Hello, my name is Erin and I have Gestational Diabetes.  They scheduled me an appointment with the dietician for today at 11:30, I’m anxious to go to that and see what my new lifestyle will be back.  I do know multiple times a day fingers pricks are on the docket.  Besides that I have no idea what she’ll tell me, except eat less sugar and carbs.  Um, I eat 2 pieces of toast with a glass of chocolate milk EVERY MORNING.  This is going to be tricky. 

The sky last night was so beautiful, the clouds were coming in as the sun was setting.  Wanted to share a pic of it.


Dynamite went a little off the calendar again last night. Andy didn’t think he needed to do anything fancy so took matters into his own hands.


Aiden’s school Christmas program was Monday night.  It lasted 1 1/2 hours, but it was a great show!  Lots of fun songs.  I was so happy that so many of the songs were traditional Christmas songs, not those made up, weird ones.  There were a few of those, but mostly it was songs we knew.  The kids are so cute, getting all dressed up and trying their hardest to impress their families! 

Aiden’s in the 2nd row, third one in (right above the 2nd ‘H’ in my watermark).



So what if…

~ I have some weird pelvic bone pain thing going on because of the pregnancy and, although a very small chance, there is a chance it could split and be EXTREMELY painful and not get better until after I deliver the baby.  Some people have it bad enough they can’t even get in and out of the car.  Yikes!

~ I’m secretly happy to have GD so I can get my diet on track and be healthier for the baby

~ I didn’t decorate or dress up my Christmas gifts this year.  They are wrapped and have a name tag on them, that’s it.  I have no creative mojo these days.

~ I don’t think a gift bag is an appropriate way to ‘wrap’ a gift.  How much fun is pulling tissue out of a bag to see your present laying there? BOR-ing!  No, I do not give gifts in gift bags, either.  The only time I use them is to carry a WRAPPED gift to a party.  Sorrynotsorry.

Life After I Dew

I’ll be back tomorrow with all the details of my meeting with the dietician today.



  1. Maybe it's time for smoothies in the morning.. Just 10 more weeks!!

  2. I think one of the things I ate was a whole wheat frozen waffle spread with peanut butter. I ate lots of peanut butter because I remember them saying it would be good as a more filling snack on lots of things. Just a thought!!!

  3. Ooh, you would hate me. Unless the present is for a kid, it is going in a gift bag. They are like Gremlins in my house. Since Todd is a teacher all of his gifts come in a gift bag. And since I am so green, I like to reuse them :)

    Good luck today! Email me if you need to talk.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about you having GD :( And yikes about measuring 4 weeks big. You better have a bag packed!

  5. I had gestational diabetes. The diet book is really good. Easy to use.
    stinks having to skip fruit for breakfast but hey other than that its pretty awesome!
    haha. I am not very good at wrapping so if it isn't shaped like a box, it gets bagged.

  6. I love that you use a giftbag to carry a wrapped gift. On another note can I send my presents for you to wrap please?haha

  7. Oh the sky does look,beautiful!!
    Yikes! I hope your pelvis is ok!! Does not sound fun at all!! And gift bags are my go to time saver! You would hate gifts that come from my kids!! Lol!