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Getting Creative

Before I get into all the creative things we’ve been doing around here I have to tell you about an awesome giveaway!  Over the past 6months or so a bunch of bloggers (me included) passed a Ruffles With Love tank top around to sign and write words of encouragement on. We wanted to make a one of a kind tank top for one lucky reader to win and wear proudly while getting their sweat on.  It’s pretty darn cool and today the giveaway starts.  Just sign up using the rafflecopter below! 




a Rafflecopter giveaway

2015 is starting off on a creative foot.

Both of the big boys were given ‘build it yourself’ kits for Christmas.  Aiden’s was a bird feeder and Brennan’s had 2 trucks to build – a bulldozer and a dump truck.  Aiden’s was pretty straightforward and he was able to build his by himself.  Brennan’s was a little more complicated so Andy helped him through the building process.  At the end they painted their built kits and are taking them to the fair this summer to show for Clover Kids.



They both had fun working with their hands and tools and building something they can use and play with.  Bonus, they got to hang out with their Dad and be manly men together. Ha!

I also was able to take advantage of the long Christmas break and make a soft snuggly blanket for my cousin’s new baby. 


It was a super simple blanket to make, I just cut strips of snuggle flannel into either 1/8 yard, 1/4 yard or 1/2 yard pieces, plus a yard for the backing.  Then, go against what you were taught and sew wrong sides together with either a quarter or half inch seam allowance (I used 1/4” this time).  Same thing when you sew the back on, wrong sides together with a quarter or half inch seam allowance. Then using sharp scissors, cut into the exposed seam TO but not through the stitching, about every 1/4” or so, and all the way around the edges.  Throw it in the washing machine, then dryer, and it’ll fray those edges and make it look really neat.  Ta da! Easy peasy!  Perfect for those who are beginning seamstresses!  All straight edges and no fussing with binding. 


I secretly wanted to keep this all for myself because I loved the fabrics I found, especially those woodland characters! That happy little bear about does me in, reminds me of my Tater.  Cute!!!


Best part? Tate gave it his seal of approval! I laid it out on the floor to look at it and he crawled over as fast as he could and buried his sweet little face right down into it and just laid there enjoying it’s softness. I hope Max (and my cousin Meliah) love it as much as we do!

Last, I painted my nails.  I haven’t painted my finger nails in eons!  I hate when it starts to chip, which is always too soon for my liking, so I just don’t do it. And it never fails that I smudge it before it’s dried.  Plus I think it makes my nails weaker/more brittle after I take it off. They always seems to react and peel afterwards.  But, I was feeling the need to look more girly all of a sudden so I got my red out and went to town.


2 days in and so far they are still ok.  Another load of dishes or two and they’ll not be looking so nice.

Now, what creative things have you been up to?

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  1. I love that you can create a blanket, just like that! I'm all, needle? Thread? Sewing machine?!!! That blanket is adorable!

  2. I adore that blanket. I wish I was creative like that. I have been doing SO many creative things here. I can't wait to share them all. I do not look forward to going back to work.

  3. You should try Jamberrys! If you want to try some out, I can send you some samples! :) And oh my gosh, I love that blanket!