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School Project // Brennan

A little over a week ago Brennan brought home a feather cut out of construction paper with instructions to decorate it as a family.  Once completed it was to be sent back to school where they would hang it with the other Kindergartener's feathers to complete a turkey. 

After reading the instructions I remembered doing this project with Aiden 3 years ago.  Here is Aiden's completed feather.

We wrote what each of us was thankful for on the feathers and of course had to show off our love for the Hawkeyes and football up top!

So with Brennan's I was trying to be creative once again and come up with something that represented Brennan and was fun to look at.  Here's his finished feather.
 We used Lego Movie stickers to represent each member of our family.

We traced Brennan's hand and made it into a turkey and Brennie wrote 'Happy Thanksgiving'.

I couldn't resist teaching Brennan my favorite art technique from when I was in school.  You cut 2x2" (or so) squares of tissue paper, then wrap one around the eraser end of a pencil, dip in in a tiny bit of glue, then stick it down onto your project.  I think it gives things a neat look.

We had a lot of fun decorating Bren's feather, I can't wait to see all of the kids' feathers when they are all hung up!

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  1. Aw, I love that this was a family project. Brennan's turned out so great (as did Aiden's, minus that silly bird up top. ;) )!

  2. Such a cute project. I love doing projects with younger kids that I remember from the older ones. Actually, Henry got some worksheets sent home this year that I remember using 10 years ago when I taught 2nd grade. That was really weird!

  3. It looks awesome. I love the lego people for family members and baby is included. I am not going to lie but my fav part of art class was the tissue paper thing too... we made cones out of green construction paper and then with green and red(more green then red) tissue paper made a Christmas tree. I think my mom still has mine... I am sure flattened by now.