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Halloween 2014



Last week we carved our pumpkin for Halloween.  The boys wanted something ‘scary’, so I googled “scary pumpkin carving” and found an image similar to this guy.  We decided to leave a little ‘goo’ in there hanging down to add to the effect! 

My job was to draw the face on and then Andy would cut it out.  Well, he was giving Tate a bath so I just decided to go ahead and get it started for him.  Well, it was going to so easy and fast for me that I just went ahead and did the whole thing!  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think it’s a spooky pumpkin!  The boys really loved it and we had fun turning the kitchen lights off after we light the candle so we could show it off to Andy.


Friday I went to the boys’ costume parade in the gym at school to see them and their friends in their costumes. There were some clever costumes this year!  A little guy was dressed up as the UPS man and had a cardboard box made to look like their big brown trucks.  Lots of Elsa’s, of course.  Some hula girls.  The ever popular Spiderman.  This picture is of Aiden (the Ninja) and his 3 best buddies dressed up.  A hunter, a corn cob (holding a DeKalb Seed sign since his  mom is one of their salesman) and a football player.




And this kid, Hayden Fry! (One of the best Iowa Hawkeye football coaches of all time!)


After school we loaded up and went trick or treating.  Here are my 3 guys all dressed up.


Halloween 2014 was another success.  On the way home Brennan said “I wonder what I should be next year?”  Oh sheesh, give me some time to get over this year! Ha ha!

And now, HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!!  I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving, so so happy November is finally here again!


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  1. That lion costume is so stinking cute!!!!!

  2. Such good pictures!!! Cute kiddos!

  3. The boys all look so great!
    How fun that their school does a parade of all their costumes! What a great idea.
    And, can you believe next year you'll have a fourth little one in a costume?!!! :)

  4. Aw- you have a cute Ninja, Leonardo and Lion. Mine were Gizmo and Ironman. The corn guy is funny, I love it! Happy Halloween!! (late)