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Shutterfly Photo Book

Hey there!  I wanted to show you a photo book I made of Aiden's Kindergarten projects.

I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to sentimental items.  I have been known to keep a Garfield Halloween pencil that I was given in 2nd grade and pull it out when I was 22 all because I loved Garfield and couldn't see throwing away a perfectly good pencil and I'd had it forever so just couldn't bear the thought of not having it anymore.  So you can imagine how hard it is for me to throw away the boys' pictures, projects and paintings they make at home and at school.  But, if I keep each and every one I'll be buried under paper.

Thanks to good ol' Pinterest (you can follow me, just use the link above in the banner) I found an idea of what to do with all of those projects. 

I took a picture of all of Aiden's masterpieces then uploaded them to Shutterfly and made a photo book out of them.  I had fun placing them on the pages (or you can let Shutterfly do it for you, if you're not a control freak like me).  I added a few pictures that were taken of Aiden in school that year too to make it even more personal. 

I love how it turned out and wanted to share it with you!  I'll definitely be making another one of these full of Brennan's Kindergarten projects and pictures.  Hopefully I won't wait 2 years to get it done, though!

I hope you have fun looking through my book! 

I am not getting anything free from Shutterfly for this post and they did not contact me in any way, shape or form.  Just saw that I could share my book on the blog with a handy link code they provided, another neat feature Shutterfly offers, so thought "hey, a fun post!"  Shutterfly is who I use to store pictures and order prints from for scrapbooking.  I have made some neat and fun photo projects on their website in the past and have always been happy with the results.  This time is no different.

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  1. OMG this is such a good idea!!!! I will have to remember this when Jeanette gets older. I too am a hoarder and a pack rat when it comes to things like school projects. I still have a whole box of them under my bed at my parents house.

  2. Such a great idea to keep the work but not have the clutter! Having too much "stuff" around drives me absolutely crazy so I've gotten rid of a lot of the kids work. At first I started keeping them all in plastic bins, one for each school year per kid... but that was still too much so now it's just the few 'important' things.

  3. What a cool idea! I wish I would have kept everything the boys. I saved a few things but can't stand clutter ;)

  4. I actually make a shutterfly book for each year of our lives and have always loved them. Who would have thought this would be good for school projects! Great idea momma!

  5. I love Shutterfly books! I make a family yearbook every year and one for each kiddo's year of life! :)

  6. What a cool idea. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Erin! This is such an AWESOME idea! I'm so like you. As I'm at my parent's house, and staying in my old bedroom, I've been pilfering through my closets. There is SO MUCH of my old stuff just packed away, and not a single thing I can find that I want to toss. I'm totally using this awesome idea when Marcus gets older!

  8. I love this! I have seen this idea on Pinterest but great to see a friend who has done it. So have you thrown away the pictures and projects now?