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Baseball and Parades


What a crazy, busy weekend!

Saturday we went to a wedding at a park.  It was raining so the poor couple had to totally change their plans.  They were going to exchange vows outside but instead had to tear down all the decorations and seating for the reception which was set up inside a lodge so they could have the ceremony inside.  After the ceremony they took some pictures then had to re-set up the reception area for the meal.  Poor things.  But at the end of the day, despite things not going as planned, they were still a married couple, and that’s all that matters.  The bride had a really neat idea.  Instead of doing the traditional bouquet toss, they called up three couples who’s marriages were inspiring to her and her new husband.  Each couple were given a bouquet and the opportunity to have a special dance together to Kenny Roger’s “Through The Years”.  It was really sweet, loved this idea!

While we were at the wedding the big boys stayed with my sister’s family.  They had big plans to go camping, and they did, but it was raining for most of it so they didn’t get to have the whole camping experience like originally planned.  Nicole and Pat did a great job keeping the kids occupied inside the camper (hello portable DVD player!) and took them out to supper since cooking over an open fire wasn’t an option at that point.  Regardless of the rain my boys had a super great time!  They love spending time with their cousins! Thanks, Lola!

Sunday we butchered a few chickens (thanks Mom and Dad!), came home for naps, then went back to town to close out the 175th Celebration in our hometown with a big parade.  The boys were on my mom’s bank’s float while Andy, Tate and I sat on the curb and watched with my sister and dad.  It was a pretty great parade!

My dad’s brother and his wife make and sell honey, this was their float (my dad’s uncle is driving the tractor for them).


Tater loved the parade! 


My mom walking, nephew Charley is by her left hand in the hat, then Aiden, Brennan and Nora are sitting in the front waving.


My mom and 4 of her 5 grandkids – all in their parade t-shirts. 


After the parade was over we hightailed it back home to get Aiden to his baseball game.


Aiden made some good plays last night!  He really loves the game.

Tater loved the game, too.  He was sitting under a tree, which he loves to be under and look at, so he was a pretty content baby! 


He likes chewing on his lion.


Another great weekend in the books.  On to the next one!



  1. That float is amazing!! What a great weekend!

  2. Your dad's uncle and your dad favor each other I think. Tate is too stinking cute. And it sounds like a super fun weekend.

  3. Hometown parades are THE best!! I can still remember being in one with my grandparents when I was a kid, and loved every minute of it.

  4. Love the parade pics! I love parades! :) I can't imagine having to switch up wedding plans like that!

  5. Wow you did have a busy weekend. I have to get myself (and family) to a good parade. I haven't been in so long.