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Finally got the pictures back from the photographer at Aiden’s 1st Communion.  They turned out pretty cute!




Even though Brennan will take one if I insist, I think it’s time to phase out his naps.  He’s no longer a preschooler, something he reminds me of every hour on the hour since yesterday.  Aiden gave up his naps on his own at age 3 so I’m feeling pretty lucky that I’ve had ‘me time’ every afternoon while staying home with Bren.  And this summer with Aiden around I don’t feel like having the battle every day about why Aiden gets to just have quiet time and not nap time.  From now on Bren will have an hour quiet time in his room with his books.  If he ever falls asleep great.  If not, no biggie.

Tate is SO much happier of a baby now that he’s on his tummy medicine.  He is much more the content baby from the early days.  Still has his fussy times, that’s what being a baby’s about, but they are fewer and farther between.  Remember me saying how he won’t nap in his crib?  Well, the medicine has made a huge difference in that too!  I guess that acid was bothering him while laying down (duh Mom!), and now that that’s under control he is much more comfortable laying on his back for a nap.  He still doesn’t take marathon long naps, usually an hour is all, but he is getting used to those so maybe in the next few weeks he’ll take fewer short naps and string together a couple of 2 hour long naps every day.  I was looking back at the boys’ baby books and Aiden took a bunch of catnaps with one longer 2 hr nap every day at this age so we’re not doing anything unusual for my babies. 

Don’t laugh, but this Sunday I’m going to my very first ever brunch at a restaurant!  I’m so excited!  A friend asked if Andy and I would join her and her husband to celebrate both of our anniversaries.  Is it weird that at 30 some years of age I’ve never been to a real brunch before?  The big boys are staying with their grandparents, Tater gets to tag along like usual. When we get back to town we’re going to the ‘Cruise In’ on the square.  Our town is celebrating it’s 175th Birthday and starting Sunday they are having a full week of fun activities centered around the town and it’s history.  I love car shows, so excited to go up there and stroll around the square checking neat old cars out! Should be a fun Sunday for this gal!

I have to brag about my awesome husband a bit.  Yesterday was our 17th anniversary of when Andy asked me out.  We were 16, which means we’ve been together longer than we were apart.  How crazy is that?  Anyway, I posted this on FB – check out his comment.  Swoon!

2014-05-29 14.45.512014-05-29 14.45.17

What are your weekend plans?  Ever been to a Cruise In?  How about a brunch?

Have a great one!

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  1. Love the pics from your son's first holy communion! My daughter is being baptized on Sunday and I'm so excited!

    I love car shows too, there is usually a big one in Columbus every summer, Good Guys and my hubby and I love to go! If it's not 100 degrees that day like it usually is, maybe we will take our daughter and walk around for a little bit.

    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. Glad to hear the tummy meds are helping! Enjoy your brunch Erin!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is so dang sweet!! <3

    And enjoy your weekend, definitely sounds like fun. SO glad to hear Tate is doing better!!

  4. Y'all are too cute! Look into a crib wedge for Tate! Although, Norah slept in her Rock N Play sleeper for naps and at night until she could literally CRAWL out of it! :-)

  5. Brunch out is the best!!! Enjoy! I love the text between you and your hubby. So sweet!!! And 17 years! That's a LONG time!

  6. AGH! Your husband's comment. So frigging sweet.

    Those pictures are so cute. Look at that long hair.

    Tate reminds me so much of Lukas. We went for his one year check up Thursday and he was cleared to quit taking the acid reflux meds finally. He was on them for a year but you could definitely tell a difference in every aspect of his life, napping, eating, personality.

  7. So happy to hear Tate is feeling better!
    How was your brunch? Everything you dreamed of and more?
    And, your hubby? Holy sweetness!!