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Mother’s Day Weekend

As if there aren’t a million and one Mother’s Day recaps out there, I’m adding mine to the lot.  #sorrynotsorry

Friday night we went to the big big city to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods for the very first time.  We went to look for a basketball hoop for the boys.  Holy smokes do we love that store!  Andy could spend his entire year’s salary in there if I let him!  Same with the boys.  It was definitely boy heaven! We found a hoop we liked (plus a million other things), but it was too big to fit in the back of the car.  Totally my bad!  I told Andy we’d just pick one out then order it online because they had free shipping. What I didn’t see was the fine print that said “Free shipping UP TO $15”.  Womp womp!  Andy measured the back of the Traverse but it was definitely a no go.  So we paid for the darn thing because of some deal they were running that night and told them we’d be back the next day.  The good thing about the extra trip up there was seeing our awesome friends for supper who live up there. 

Saturday the boys had their last soccer games.  Both boys made goals this time!!!  Brennan’s been a goal kicking machine (the littles don’t have goalies so they can pretty much just run the ball up the field and kick it in if they line it up right) but Aiden hasn’t had luck on his side in that department this season.  His big goal was to make a goal, and he finally did!  He was so darn excited! I’m so happy I was there to see it! The tricky thing was that both boys were playing at the exact same time.  Luckily  their fields were right next to each other so I could just stand in the middle and turn back and forth and keep an eye on both. 


After the game we headed back up to the big big city to get the basketball hoop.  After picking it up we decided to give Cold Stone Creamery a try because we had been given a gift card for them.  My review: Eh, it was okay.  Nothing to write home about, definitely not worth the money and we won’t be going back anytime soon, if ever.  Sorry for all you CSC fans out there!  We just didn’t get what the big deal was.


Sunday was  Mother’s Day, as you all know.  I woke up EARLY to Mr. Tate needing fed.  I knew I wouldn’t get to sleep in, so no surprise there.  It cracks me up that Tate is exactly like his big brothers – absolutely no sleeping in for these boys.  Most days Tate is in his bed talking and cooing by 6:15, some times we’re lucky and he’ll sleep til 6:30.  But you won’t hear me complaining, he sleeps all night long so getting up at 6:15 is no biggie!  So the two of us went out to the living room and hung out until the big boys got up.  Then about 7:15 I decided to make some racket in the kitchen to make Andy think I was making my own breakfast, knowing full well he’d come running because he wanted to make me breakfast. Sure enough, here he came running!  Ha ha, what a great guy!

I was given some super cute hand made gifts from the boys that they made at school.  I love them so much! Top one is from Aiden, bottom is from Brennan.  I didn’t get a picture of the letter Aiden wrote to me ‘from Tate’.  It’s pretty funny, will include that tomorrow in Tate’s 3month post.


“Butterfly hover near my mother, tell her that I dearly love her”


“My mom is good at putting Tate in his car seat”

“I like when my mom plays with me”

“My mom is really pretty”

“My mom’s a good cook”

“I love my mom”

Such sweet boys!  From Andy (and the boys) I got to go pick out a bunch of flowers at the local garden center.  I picked out 2 Columbines, a Hibiscus and a Clematis.  We also replaced some bushes, which I was going to do a post on how to plant but there was a big storm coming in so I said the heck with it, let’s just get them in the ground. So when I get some more to replace a couple other shrubs I’ll take pictures then.  Then the boys took me through KFC’s drive thru for Chicken Tenders.  I am not a huge KFC fan, but last weekend we picked some up and took it to Andy’s folks’ for lunch.  I fell in love w/ the tenders! So that’s what I picked for my Mother’s Day lunch, ha!  We went to the park to eat it and I had my first Mt Dew in forever!!! It tasted SO good but Tate still had an upset tummy from it, so won’t be having a Mother’s Day Mt Dew for quite some time again.

After our lunch in the park we came home to plant my new plants, just as the first round of stormy weather came through. We were lucky, no tornados here, although the sirens did go off.  I was praying that the electricity didn’t go off because Andy was cooking my Crock Pot Cake to take to my mom’s for supper.  The power stayed on and my cake turned out amazingly!  Andy’s such a great guy!  The boys took this pic for me while I nursed Tate.  Looks like we need to work on their skills, ha ha!


We had supper at my folks’ house with my sister’s family and grandma.  The kids all had fun together, the guys made the supper (for the most part) and cleaned up the dishes after, and us girls all watched “Call The Midwife” together.  Perfect ending to Mother’s Day!

Have a great week!

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  1. I think flower planting was the gift of the season!! That's what I got too!!!

    Yay for the Mt. Dew but boo it upsets Tater's tummy!!!

    AND it CRACKS me up that you just had your first trip to Dick's! LOL We have one 10 minutes from the house - oh the joys of living in the city!

  2. Awww, glad you had such a great Mother's Day! Oh, and when the two soccer games are side by side? Definitely thank God for those small miracles! Ha!

  3. I have no kids and I was up at 5am both days this weekend...damn cat!!

  4. It sounds like a great Mothers Day. Those cards are the sweetest, and I love that your hubby made you breakfast.

  5. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. You sound like me. If it's my birthday or Mother's Day, I make a ton of racket to make Adam think I'm doing it all. He always comes running! Also, I love KFC's tenders. Yum.