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I saw on IG Shannon post that she is changing up So What Wednesday a bit but I have no idea how she is changing it, so for this week I’ll do it ‘old school style’ and then pick up the changes for my next SWW post.

Life After I Dew

This week I’m saying So What If…

  • my boys have lost one of their cases full of DS games again and I went bananas and made them take all of their entertainment out of the car so now all they can do for a full month is look out the windows (and probably fight and annoy me even more than I already am about those damn games being lost!).  We found Aiden’s a month ago when he lost it, hoping we’ll have the same luck for Brennan’s.  Seriously, how do you lose it?  A full case full of games! Grr!!
  • I also made the boys pick up all of their stuff in the house that was laying around and then all they could do for the next hour and a half was read books.  No TV, no fun stuff, no playing with toys, DEFINITELY not playing with DS’s.  So mad at them.  And yes, I’m mad at both of them because they both play games out of each other’s cases so who knows which one actually lost the darn thing.
  • I don’t remember the last time I cooked a decent meal for the family.  All of this time at the hospital has left my house a mess and crappy food in our tummies.
  • I haven’t been very good about taking my glucose level after meals.  I am still eating as I should so know my levels are probably ok.
  • I am excited to have the baby so I can hug my husband tightly again without this giant ball in between us.
  • none of my maternity shirts are big enough anymore.  They’re either not long enough or too tight in the belly.  Ugh.

Happy Wednesday, all!



  1. So soon life will be back to normal for you... a new normal, definitely, but normal just the same :) I hear you about the games, that is so frustrating when stuff like that happens! And it's definitely not a bad thing to make them pick up all their stuff... I have a deal with my kids that I don't mind driving them around and paying for 864528485 different activities, but they MUST keep up their end of the bargain which is good grades and helping around the house!

  2. That baby will be here before you know it. You will blink and this will all be over and you'll wish they were a baby again!!! I love you my friend! I hope you, your daddy, and your whole family have a great day!

  3. My maternity tops feel the same way! Ha! My belly doesn't show but it is definitely hanging out the bottom!

  4. Embrace that ball between you and your hubby, it will be gone before you know it! :)
    There's not a single thing wrong with a little electronic-less fun!!

  5. Thinking of you, friend!!! You will have that sweet baby here before you know it.

  6. Oh man, I'd be pissed about the games too! I hope you, or they, find them!!
    Awwww I love that you're just wanting to hug Andy again! You're so close my friend!!

  7. I would have done the same thing because of the games! I let hunter bring his iPad in the car and I always think man when I was little what did I "do" in the car did I actually look out the windows (probably since we didn't have the techno stuff lol)! And yes I love it after you have the baby when you can hug normally again it's the best :) hugs mama!