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37 Week Bumpdate

Yesterday I had my second Non Stress Test.  It went well, Baby passed again.  I love these NST’s, they are super relaxing … except for the fact that both boys had to go with me again due to school being cancelled for cold temps.  Seriously, can they not just go to school and let me go to my appointments on my own?  My loving husband met us there because I was so sure my dr. would check my cervix for dilation at my actual baby appointment.  For some reason, though, I had the other dr. and he didn’t check me (and I didn’t ask because I don’t want him ‘down there’) so Andy came for nothing.  Oh well.

My ankles and calves have been swelling up so much over this past week.  Doesn’t matter what I do, they are clubs by mid-day and by nighttime they are uncomfortable and it hurts to bend and stretch my ankles.  My blood pressure is still normal so the dr. isn’t worried but I do wish the swelling would just go away.

Last night I forgot to take my Zantac for my heartburn.  We went to Carlos O’Kelley’s for supper and holy smokes was it mistake to forget that pill!  I finally got up at 1:30 and came into the living room and read my book in the chair for about an hour.  I was upright long enough for my pill and Tums to take effect so I went back to bed and finally slept the rest of the night.  Man am I tired today, though!  And I learned my lesson – take my Zantac every night!

Only 19 days to go!  I am ready.  For the most part I still love being pregnant but evenings and nights are getting super difficult to endure, always super uncomfortable by then, trying to crawl out of bed 3 times a night to use the bathroom stinks, not to mention just not getting a full night’s sleep (not that that will change anytime soon!).  I am happy to know that no matter what I will not still be pregnant on February 18th, I will be induced on February 17th if I haven’t gone on my own by then.  It’s nice to know of an official ‘end date’, I know exactly how much longer I have to endure all of this.  And I know for sure when I’ll be holding this little pumpkin pie and cuddling it. 

Only 19 days to go!



  1. You are getting so close!! How exciting!

  2. I can't believe it's down to 19 days at the most!!!

  3. Nineteen days? This is all just FLYING by!
    The NST tests were always nice. For about three weeks before I had M, I had to go in twice a week for NST testing. I secretly loved it. I'd bring a book and just soak up the quite time.

  4. OMG 19 days!!!!! That is CRAZY! I feel like your pregnancy has flown by, however I'm not too far behind@ :)

  5. 19 days!!! It seems like only yesterday you told us you were pregnant!!! So happy for you guys.

  6. It's the final countdown! :)

  7. I cannot believe how close you are! Yay, a final date!!! But the end of the month, we will know what it is, get to see it, and you will get your cuddles!!