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Dad’s Big Day

I am having major writer's block today but wanted to let you know we found Brennan’s case of DS games.  When I arrived at the hospital yesterday I saw a hospital employee cleaning the visitors lounge where we saw the case last.  I asked him if they had a lost and found and he directed me to the nurse’s station.  I asked the gal sitting there and she got a huge smile on her face, reached behind her computer monitor and pulled it out!  She was so excited to find the owner, she said her and another nurse were so worried about the owner knowing how much all those little games cost.  So sweet of them to worry about my Brennie-Bug.  I am so so happy the case was found but Brennan still doesn’t get to play his DS for a few weeks. 

My dad had a big day yesterday.  They were able to help him stand up for a bit!  Not very long, and it was a bit awkward, but he was standing up non the less!  He also followed their commands which is something he hasn’t been doing much of.  He held up 2 fingers, gave a thumbs up and lifted his foot.  They also had him put on pajama pants (the first pants he’s had on since his accident 2 1/2 weeks ago!).  He was able to grab them and pull them up!  Sounds so simple but it’s so great that he hasn’t forgotten how to do such a simple task. 

They haven’t said when he will get moved to a rehab facility yet, they throw around different days here and there (yesterday they mentioned Friday).  More than likely we will get less than a 24 hour notice.  It’s great that they are working with him at the hospital but it is no where near as intensive as the rehab facility will be, and I think he’s ready for something more than he’s getting now.  Hopefully he’ll be moved in less than a week’s time so we can get this ball rolling a little faster. 

Thanks for all of the prayers and kind words for my dad!  Yesterday when they had him set up in the chair his arms weren’t restrained (he was having a hard time leaving his PIC line, IV’s and ventilator alone so they had to restrain him) and I was finally able to get a hug from my dad again.  Before the accident we would never leave each other without a hug, and usually there were multiple hugs scattered throughout our time together.  Not having that these last 2 1/2 weeks was so hard.  It felt so great to have my dad’s arms around me again.  Now if he’d just know who I was!  That will come in time, I have to believe that.

Okay, so I was able to find something to write about!  Next week I’m going to ask you all to make predictions about the baby’s stats, birth date, etc.  I’ve done this with the boys so thought I’d better not break tradition.  I’ll let you know exactly what info I’m looking for then. 

You probably won’t hear from me tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!



  1. I am so happy that he has been showing improvement xoxo

  2. So happy to hear all the good news!

  3. So glad to hear that your dad continues to improve. He will get there Erin!!

  4. So happy for your dad and your family. I can't wait to do some guessing next week!

  5. Erin, this is such great news! I couldn't help but tear up over the hugs. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. That is a huge step, standing up! And pulling on the pants!! The little things really matter!! And I'm so glad you got a hug! I hope you get more this weekend!!