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Poopies, Ghosties, and Farties

Hey there! Stacie and I are swapping posts today to shake things up a bit.  If you want to read what I had to say today hop on over to her blog by clicking her button below and check it out.  And if you could care less what I have to say click on her button to follow her and then join in her weekly link up tomorrow called Friday Favorites.  She’s an awesome new blogger (fresh meat!) and holy smokes,  her before and after pics will blow your mind (not that she looked bad in the before but hello abs in her after!).  Now for Miss Stacie!

Stacie Rogers Training


Farties Ghosties, and poopies.  Pretty much sums up the start of October!  Ahhh October.  The fall breeze, the crisp air, and beautiful colors..of poop!  I swear, these days I definitely live in it.  Between my son and three dogs, I cannot escape it (good thing it's a funny word.  Ain't nothing #1 about the #2).

Guess I should have started off by introducing myself. I am Stacie Rogers.  I am a Marine wife, work-at-home Momma to D, former larger lady, a 6 days out of 7 healthy eater, wine loving, fall appreciating, God fearing woman.  I am teaming up with the lovely Erin over here to be her guest blogger today (thank you girl!). 

Okay, onto the next!  Ghosties.  I am a fan of Halloween.  I love the costumes, decorations, the pumpkin picking, THE CANDY, wagon pulling, bonfires and hard cider with the friends.  So it is my challenge to make a new fun fall/Halloween craft everyday.  We've done ghosties. So easy!  One napkin laid out flat, ball up on, wrap the first napkin around and tie with yarn or fishing line.  I then glued on the googly eyes.  Super cheap, super cute, and super fun for the house.

I know you're all dying to read about the farties.  Who is really dying over here is me.  One from stinking McD, and two from his laughter.  Yes, 18 months and he has finally really mastered the key to being a boy...the Fartie.  Not just any fartie...ALL FARTIES.  This little chicken cracks up (one day I'll get it on video and post).  And I might be the only mom (though I doubt it) that doesn't really mind the little toots because the crazy joy it brings my son (maybe I need to be evaluated). 

That being said, I am excited to see what the rest of October has in store!

Now head on over to Stacie’s bloggity blog and be a creeper for the rest of the day catching up on her previous posts!  And here’s the button for tomorrow’s link up!

Stacie Rogers Training


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