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Gender-telling Wives Tales

  1. If you carry your baby up high, it’s a girl; lower, it’s a boy. I’m right in the middle, not really high, not really low.
  2. If you carry your baby out front, boy; if you spread more horizontally, girl. All out front for me (so far), Boy
  3. Baby’s heart rate is higher than 140 bpm, girl; lower, it’s a boy. Girl, heartbeat has been in the 150’s, some 160’s, at all appointments
  4. Craving sweets? Girl.  Want salty snacks? Boy  Girl and Boy. I want french fries and Cheetos some days, chocolate others
  5. A girl causes acne; dry hands indicate a boy; cold feet point to a boy; a larger left breast indicates a girl; dark nipples are signs of a son. Ummm… ha ha!  I’ll go with GIRL on this one, mainly because of the acne.  No cold feet or dry hands.  Lets leave the boobs and nipples out of this, shall we? LOL!
  6. If Dad gains weight, it’s a girl. Boy, no excess weight gain … yet.
  7. If you hang your wedding ring over your belly and it swings back and forth it’s a girl; if it swings in a circle it’s a boy. Boy!  It started as back and forth and then started going in a circle. 
  8. The Mayans said if the year you conceived and your age at conception are both even or both odd numbers, it’s a girl.  If one is even and the other is odd, it’s a boy. Boy – age 32, year 2013
  9. Morning sickness indicates a girl.  No issues?  Boy!  A little urpy, but never sick – BOY
  10. Put a key down on a table in front of the mother.  If she picks it up by the narrow end, she’s having a girl. If she picks it up by the round end, boy oh boy! I didn’t do this one because I knew I’d go for the narrow end. LOL!
  11. If you hardly have to shave your legs at all, it’s a girl.  If you have to shave more than usual, boy. I’m definitely needing to shave less often, GIRL.

Only 18 more weeks until we find out which of these hold true!  Looks like more blue up there than pink, and we all know I am a boy factory!  Odds are in favor of a boy.

I am going to be MIA Thursday and Friday.  Would anyone be willing to guest blog for me?  I’d need your post by 2:00 Wednesday afternoon.  Shoot me an email or leave me a message in the comments section.  Thanks!

Have a great week!



  1. Oh My! I don't believe any of that! The Chinese lunar calendar said we were having a girl BOTH times. I had HORRIBLE morning sickness with both boys. My heart rate was 150-160ish with both (active boys). I gained weight EVERYWHERE and both boys liked to be lodged in my ribs, I did crave salty dill pickles with both (The only thing that indicated a boy so far). 18 weeks better fly! I can't wait to hear what your wee one is :)

  2. I love wives tales.... I've had major acne this whole pregnancy and it's a
    Boy. Have you done the Chinese calendar? Mine were both right! Fingers crossed for pink!!

  3. I carried low with all my pregnancies and I carried 2 girls and 2 boys...hmmmm.. All that stuff is fun to do to help ya guess but really who knows. I would love to guest post but I'm afraid I won't be able to fit it in.. BOOOOOO!! Have a great day!!

  4. I remember doing these when I was preggers with D. I just felt like I was having a boy because even when we would talk about it possibly being a girl, I couldn't think about anything other than boy (yes, I'm weird ha). You're waiting to find out until you deliver! You're amazing! I hate surprises and I am kind of a planning/organization freak, so I would definitely drive Dave cray!

  5. I loved all these!! All but one said girl for us!!! Stupid wives tales!! LOL!!! I just can't wait to know what Maverick's bloggy BFF will be!!! :)

  6. Interesting! Never knew about a lot of these.

  7. My hubby didn't gain weight with my first one (girl), He did with the boys, though. The Mayan calendar works for Frances, but not the boys. I once heard of a doctor who would tell moms one thing and then write down another. If what he said came true, he would just smile and go on about his business. If what he said was wrong, he would point out his notes and tell the parents they must have mis-heard him!

  8. Wives tales crack me up! I think you're having a girl. :)

  9. You know I'd love to guest post for you, but I'm having trouble even getting my own posts up! If you're in a pinch though, let me know!
    Hmmm, after having two boys, I'm going to say girl!! Just cause I know I'd want the same!! If it's a boy, perfect, and if by chance it's a girl, perfect! Either way, that baby is going to be smothered in love!

  10. Haha, I had fun with these even though I was 50/50. :)