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Teacher Gifts

Hey there!  I’ve been a busy little bee making teacher gifts.  I found all of these ideas on Pinterest, love that little site!

For the boys’ teachers I made the notepad holders and put their names on the large pump of hand sanitizer.  And for Bren’s Preschool teacher helpers I made them each a jar of sugar scrub.  All super simple and best of all, inexpensive! 


We also bought the classroom gifts. For Aiden’s 1st grade classroom we got a set of Matchbox cars that included a motorcycle.  Apparently they only have 1 motorcycle in the classroom and the boys fight over who gets it, so now they will fight over the only 2 motorcycles in class. Ha!  And for Brennan’s room we got 2 puzzles (he’s the puzzle master, after all) and 2 books.

And of course they do an exchange between the kids.  Bren’s preschool is doing a book exchange, I LOVE this idea!  Wish they did it for all grades!  So he is giving a Clifford Christmas book.  And Aiden is giving a set of military guys with a motorcycle that lights up and makes noise (and yes, it is still under the $5 limit, which basically means it’s cheap crap and will break after playing with it one time).

Aiden did much better last night, hardly any coughing and definitely no breathing scares.  Phew!

Dynamite decided to be a little more tricky this morning and hide in the plant. 


And last, we have been trying to go for walks every night when Andy gets home from work.  We usually have about 30 minutes before it’s dark to get in some blocks.  It’s cold so I’ve been bundling up, here’s a pic of me pre-walk.


So off we go and guess who throws a tantrum – Brennan.  Long story short him and I did not go on a walk and I was ticked!  But I found out I can do some planks still!  So I worked on that and a few other moves that will help with my lower back pain I’m already experiencing with this pregnancy.  No walk but did do a little exercise, guess that’s a small win.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Love the teacher gift ideas... I still need to do that,,,

  2. I recently discovered your blog through the link up with Holly and thought you would be a great person to get the Liebster Award. So I nominated you on my page. It's a fun award that you can learn more about through my post. Hope you have fun with it!