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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Happy Wednesday!  We are in for a GINORMOUS winter storm tonight, I am so darn excited for the snow!!!  It helps to know that I don’t have to drive in it to get to work.  If I did I might not be quite as excited.  They are calling for at least 4 inches, possibly upwards of 10 inches!!!  We’ll have a white Christmas after all!!!  The only bad thing about this storm is that poor Brennan probably won’t have school tomorrow, which means he won’t have his class Christmas party. 

So tell me what you think about this Mayan calendar/the world ends Dec 21st thing.  Do you believe?  I don’t.  I am normally a worrier but this time I haven’t even given it any thought.  Plus some ‘numbers gal’ was on a show yesterday telling us that it’s actually a lucky day and has nothing to do with the world ending, just with new beginnings.  Ok, I’ll take that reasoning!  Especially since my husband’s birthday is the next day and I want to take him the Hawkeye game that we are both so excited to go to.  And I want to give him his gifts.  It about kills me to have to wait to give him his gifts every year.  Saturday, hurry up and get here!!!

That silly Dynamite was moving ‘snow’ yesterday, a.k.a. covered pretzel balls.  The boys were in love with it!


Yesterday I was a busy bee (the name of my 4-H club growing up!) and finished my homemade Christmas gifts.  Here’s my brother-in-law’s stocking stuffer (that will just be sitting next to his stocking, not actually being stuffed inside).


We live in Iowa, yes, we drink Busch Light! Ha ha!

I’m off to get a haircut now.  I think I’ll bring the length up a bit and possibly get some bangs.  I’m on the fence, but honestly, as fast as my bangs grow it won’t take any time to grow them back out if I decide I don’t like them.

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Enjoy the snow if you’re lucky enough to be getting some today/tonight/tomorrow!



  1. We are expecting 9 inches close to Des Moines!! SO darn excited! Snow day from work!
    My husband and I drink Busch Light too....when I went on a business trip to Ohio I tried to order one and the waitress said "What's that?"...

  2. I love the snow but only if I don't have to drive to work in it! Have a good one and enjoy it. :)

  3. OMG those Busch reindeers RULE - you have to show Holly. Hey girl - hey!