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I Had The Flu… And It Wasn’t Purty

Eck, who in the heck came up with the flu??  They should be taken out in the street and shot.  Or give the flu every day of their life.  What a way to ruin a weekend!  Didn’t go the the family wedding Saturday and barely made it to Aiden’s church Christmas program last night.  Luckily today I feel 98% normal again.  Now waiting for the other shoe to drop… who’s next?   Aiden and Andy are sure to get it, too.  The only good thing is that we know we won’t have it for Christmas. 

Please tell me you had a better weekend than I did!

Dynamite, that silly elf, has pulled another one of his shenanigans here.  He raided our Q-tips and made a snowflake out them.  Unfortunately the little one couldn’t keep his hands off and rearranged them before I could take a picture.  So here’s what it looks like now.


Have a great Monday!


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  1. Yuck I hope it skips them :-( love the aiden snowflake haha