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Swimmer's Hair

You know how after a few weeks of swimming in the pool your hair takes on a green sheen and, when wet, a slimy feel? It's super easy to get rid of with a simple trick -- baking soda!  All you have to do is shampoo your hair like normal, and while you're all sudzed up use a handful of baking soda to run through your hair.  It'll feel really weird, kind of gritty and yucky, but just keep running it through your hair for about a minute.  Then rinse, shampoo again and condition your hair.  If you're a regular swimmer (a few times a week) you'll want to do this daily.  If you swim daily, maybe every 4 days or so.  And if it's your first time doing this and you really have a chlorine buildup you might have to do this a couple times to get it all off.  Then you can go to doing it weekly or as needed.  Your hair will be soft and shiny!

Happy swimming!

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