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So Long, Ann Curry

It's official, they've give her the 'boot' over at the Today show.  I am a little sad.  No, I was not happy that she was going to be the new co-host, it is a little hard to watch her interview people when she stumbles over her words and makes rough transitions.  However, she was this way when fillling in for Meredith Viera so why in the world did they give her the job when it came open?  I feel that they treated her very poorly in this departure.  Their only saving grace is that Matt is still there. Yummy! 

Goodbye, dear Ann.  You have a big heart, I can tell from watching you every morning.  Keep your chin up and don't let them bully you!


P.S.  The boys and I had our dentist appts this morning, we were all given a clean bill of health.  30+ and never a cavity!  I hope I pass that on to the boys. :)

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