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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

My garden grows quite well, thank you for asking! 

I haven't had a good garden for two years.  Two years ago was a bad year for every gardener here in my area, and last year I didn't plant one because we knew we were moving.  So I haven't canned any veggies for 2 years, and my shelves are bare!  So this year I have been praying to the gardening gods asking for rain, sunshine and NO WEEDS!  The soil here is amazing, nice and black.  I have done a good job of keeping on top of the weeds, too.  Here are a few pics of my goodies.

My tomatoes.
Scratch that 'few pics' part.  Blogger isn't loading my pics clearly.  Not sure what's wrong, but when I figure it out I'll get those other pics posted.  In the meantime enjoy my 'maters! :)


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