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Tenley Louise's Baptism

Friday evening we had our precious little girl baptized.  She was surrounded by her family and lots of love.

All 6 of us have now been baptized at the church I grew up going to, plus Andy and I were married there.  It's really special to me.  But the unique thing is every one of us was baptized by a different priest!  Usually a priest will spend 7-10 years in one parish but for one reason or another our priests have been moved or transferred around.

The boys were all baptized in the gown my dad was baptized in.  And now Tenley has been baptized in the gown I was baptized in, along with my niece, sister and Mom!  Here are some close up pictures of the gown.

Tenley also wore a silver locket that was mine as a kid.

My boys looked so handsome!

Four generations!

My sister, brother in law, Andy's brother and sister in law are Tenley's godparents.  She's a pretty lucky little lady.

After the private service at the church we went to my sister's house for supper.  My intention was chili over fritos but things were super chaotic here at home as we were trying to get everyone ready and I accidentally burnt the pot of chili.  So Pizza Hut to the rescue!  Tenley changed into her fancy outfit my dad's cousin, Gena, gave her for her party.

She slept through her whole party, silly girl!  It was a really nice evening, though, and we are so happy our little Tenley Louise was so blessed!

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  1. My boys will all be baptized in the same outfit. It was nothing passed down, yet. I bought it when Carter was born and once Evan is baptized all my boys will have worn it. I still have my baptism gown, that I was hoping to put on a girl but no luck, so if I ever have a grand baby I will pass it onto her, if her mom wants her to wear it. I have to put off getting Evan baptised for when my brother who lives in Minnesota can come home for it, since he will be Evan's God Father.

  2. Tenley looked beautiful!!! And you look great too mama!

  3. She looks like a little angel! I love that her grown has been passed down! We tried to do that with Marcus and Scott's gown, but Marcus was too big! We have our fingers crossed Julia can fit into my gown.
    That last little outfit? The sweetest! Little Tenley sure is blessed with so much love surrounding her.

  4. She is just a doll baby. I love that he gown is passed down. Both of my kids had to have new ones as I converted to Catholicism and I have no clue about Adam's outfit. Blessed baby.